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Conor McGregor cuts off the UFC 229 after a battle

Connor MacGregor has given his own post in the fight with the UFC 229 after he first spoke publicly about it.

After a relatively quiet time with regard to media appearances as a result of the UFC 229, McGregor was included in a recent interview with motivational speaker Tony Robbins, an interview that was probably recorded last month but published this week when the couple were photographed together.

In another section of the long interview, Connor spoke of one the change in the way of thinking he has recently experienced in the past years.

Connor McGregor

Speaking of the scandalous scenes after the battle, McGregor gave a very detailed account of what had happened after Nurmagomedov had risen from the sides of the octagon.

"So what happened, the battle is over, the game is over. He [Khabib] Climb through the fence and jump into the crowd to make some noise, but as soon as he jumped into the crowd, he dropped. I love to call it "gone, because they are small rats.

"I gave my respect and congratulations, he won the game – let's see what happens next time. I'm confident we'll get it again, let's go again. I'm humble in victory or defeat, however.

"It's a sport at the end of the day, a terrible sport, but it's a sport. So I respected him, I was defeated at night.

He jumped to cause this chaos and attack. I saw it happen, I got up from the ground and said "okay, now I'm back in the mix," I jumped to the top of the cage as I jumped to the top of the cage, his brother came sprint and jumped onto the cage to get up and help him.

"I saw him there and it was like a Christmas present. He was right there, we hit him right in the eye and started fighting at the top of the cage. It collapsed.

"Then we got into the cage, he was trying to get through the guards. I just watched everything. I am very self-protective as I grew up. I know where my entrances and exits are, and I am very aware of my surroundings.

"So when the battle broke out, and I knew there were people going in and out, there were a lot of dishonest people, and I did not know who it was with who, who was for sure.

"That's why I pressed against the cell wall where I thought I was good. It happened, two of his teammates ran and jumped right behind me. For me, with my thinking, it was fascinating to see this back because I got to a safe place, I was good. "

– I went to a place where I was aware and I could see all incoming threats and deal with them.

"They came right behind my back, just behind my back. The first, the Chechen man, ran right in front of me and went to his brother who was crushed and was like "what happened," then he turned around and saw me.

"But I had already seen him as he turned. Boom! I hit him. He was shaking. While I hit him and shaken him, another jumped over his back and he hooked me to the side. I hid.

– It was split and the last one was the original brother who was at the top of the cage, he got rid of the guards, ran up to 100 km / h to me.

He threw his right hand. As he threw his right hand, I threw left. Boom!

"There is an image, an aerial image of my right hand that just crashes out of my face, and my left hand is down the pipe!

– The last blow of the night!

"That's it. I win. [laughs]"

Killian Cunningham, Pundit Arena

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