Tuesday , July 27 2021

Corsair expands its range with a gaming mouse with Ironclaw RGB Wireless and Glaive RGB Pro

This week, CORSAIR is expanding its range of gaming mice with two new additions – Ironclaw RGB Wireless and Glaive RGB Pro. Ironclaw's wireless connection uses Corsair's new Slipstream technology to unlock the new levels of wireless performance while the Glaive RGB Pro focuses on adaptability with three interchangeable side handles.

First we'll focus on Ironclaw RGB Wireless. As mentioned earlier, this mouse uses Corsair Slipstream's wireless technology that uses Wi-Fi frequency hopping signals to avoid signal interference, reducing latency to less than 1ms, and increasing the wireless range to 33 feet. This mouse comes with up to 50 hours of battery life and a separate USB cable lets you keep using it while it is charging.

Other features include up to ten buttons distributed across the mouse, each of which can be programmed for various functions, the main mouse switches are from OMRON, so they will be reliable for years to come. Additional RGB luminous areas are added to the mouse and the Pixart optical sensor is able to reach up to 18,000 DPI, so you can get the tone of the sensitivity setting.

GLAIVE RGB PRO is the mouse for those who prefer a special, wired wireless connection. It uses the same 1800 DPI Pixart optical sensor as Ironclaw, Omron, tri-zone RGB illumination and robust aluminum scroll. Side handles can be swapped, so you can choose your preferred design and texture. Finally, Glaive has seven programmable buttons and a room for preserving five mouse sensitivity settings, which you can switch between them by pressing a button.

Both Ironclaw RGB Wireless and Glaive RGB Pro will launch the 70 characters here in the UK.

KitGuru says: Corsair has made some solid mouse games over the years. Slipstream sounds like promising technology. Does any of you shop for a new gaming mouse this year? What do you think of the latter from Corsair?

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