Sunday , June 13 2021

Epic Games Responds to Rapper 2 Milli's Fortni Dance |

While emotions are a huge part of Fortnite's success, Epic Games has been scattered in hot water for the last few months.

Fortnite has been targeted by various lawsuits for the use of emotions and dances in the game, and now Epic Games has fired on the charges.

Now, a lawyer who is Epic Games has issued a statement about Terrence's 2 Milly & Ferguson, who shows that Epic will not give up this dance battle.

"No one can have a dance step," says Dale Kendali, a lawyer at Epic, according to The Hollywood Reporter. "The copyright law is clear that individual dance moves and ordinary dance routines are not copyright protected but rather are building blocks of free expression that are publicly available to choreographers, dancers and the general public to use, perform and to enjoy. "

Obviously, Epic does not feel they have done anything wrong with the law when they used the dance, but now it's up to the courts to decide.

Together with Raptors 2 Milly and BlockBoy JB, Bel Air's fresh Prince, Alfonso Ribeiro, the backpack, and even the orange shirt mama filed lawsuits against Epic to place certain dances in the game.

Interested parties can read all of Epic's legal response to the various litigation cases here.

With the team of Epic clearly feeling that they are on the right side of this case, how this situation will be played in court will be an interesting journey that will follow.

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