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Eurovision finisher to be in Tel Aviv in the politically contested race World News

The Eurovision final of 2019 should begin in Israel on Saturday night, the culmination of the heat, which, as well as the musical performances, includes the Palestinian boycott calls and raised fears that the war with Gaza could worsen the whole event.

It is expected that around 200 million viewers around the world will be tuned up as 26 finalists compete to win the longest-running TV contest.

The Dutch pop piano ballad was the favorites of the bookies he won, leading a lineup involving an Australian operatic act performed by a rotating two-pillar pillar and the Icelandic-style meeting-style group.

Israel hoped that extravagance would popularize the country as a modern escape for European tourists on the Mediterranean coast. But Eurovision has failed to meet its apolitical aspirations this year, with deep internal and international divisions provoking significant controversies from day one.

Israeli politicians have tried and failed to persuade the organizers of the event, the European Broadcasting Union, to allow them to host Jerusalem as a symbolic move designed to strengthen their controversial claims to the holy city, part of which is being challenged by the Palestinians.

Concerns about the event came early this month when Israel and extremists in Gaza clashed with one of the deadliest clashes for years, killing 23 Palestinians and four Israelis and burning wars. An unofficial cease-fire ended three days of bloodshed and seems to be detained.

Meanwhile, human rights activists blame Israel for the exploitation of frivolous pizzas to divert attention from the attitude towards the Palestinians, millions of whom only live an hour's drive from Tel Aviv under military command on the West Bank or blocked in Gaza to the south.

The Movement for Global Boycott, Withdrawal and Sanctions – which calls for an end to the occupation, for ending discrimination against the Arabs in Israel and allowing Palestinian refugees and their families to return – has also put pressure on the singers to withdraw. No one has agreed, and Madonna, who heads the opening of the show, said he "will never stop playing music to meet someone's political agenda."

Of all the acts, the Italian Hatari was the most frank, accusing the Israeli government of implementing an apartheid policy.

The organizers worry that the finals could be kidnapped by a protest in front of a global audience, and Israel said it would use legal means to block activists who want to "embarrass" the event by entering the country.

In Israel, the Eurovision has angered some Jewish observing communities that accuse his organizers of defrauding the Sabbath, the holy day of rest when work is forbidden by conducting rehearsals and resolving public transport to work on Saturday before sunset.

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