Friday , June 18 2021

Exactly from the National Network: Repetition is nearing completion

National Grid announced on Saturday morning that they are approaching the end of Phase 2 of the gas recovery process, which involves re-introducing gas into the affected system and checking the safety and integrity of the system. The process began yesterday yesterday with the expectation that the transition to Phase 3 will happen somewhere on Saturday.

"As we said yesterday, there are several variables that could affect the amount of time it takes for us to renew the system again," said Terry Sobolevski, chief customer services officer and SVP, National Grid, US. "We are working on this road and expect the lights to begin later today."

As the Company is approaching the end of the re-pressure phase, they again invite customers not to try to turn their appliances or gas appliances themselves. The attempt to do this is extremely dangerous and can hinder the process of re-pressure. National Grid and Mutual Assistants have to deal with all switching and re-lighting of the instruments.

Once Phase 3 begins, the Company will contact affected customers with an automated call to inform them that the lights have started again. The strength of more than 600 + service technicians will cover all 19 affected areas at once. National Grid encourages customers to be available in their homes and businesses today and tomorrow to speed up their recovery.

"We understand how difficult it is for our customers to be without their gas service and we want them to know that we work around the clock so that life in our communities can return to normal as quickly and safely as possible," added Sobolevski.

The National Grid will provide new information on the recovery on Saturday afternoon.

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