Tuesday , June 15 2021

Facebook wants to combine WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram chat

According to various international media sources, including Guardian and BBC, Facebook plans to integrate WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram so that they can negotiate with each other on orders of the big ones boss, Sam Mark Zuckerberg.

No, they will not do this by doing an application for the chimeras with bits taken from the three chat services. Instead, they will work it out in such a way that all three applications will remain different applications. However, you can tell, send a message to a user using Instagram chat services from your WhatsApp.

At this time, each service is different. The Messenger user can only talk to other Messenger users. Those of WhatsApp can only chat with WhatsApp and if you want to talk to an Instagram user, you'll need to be in Instagram yourself. Of course, this made it necessary for some of us to create three bills.

However, this type of service fragmentation comes at a price. For various reasons, most users simply use a chat service in practice. For Zimbabweans it's WhatsApp, usually because they only have WhatsApp packages and most of our contacts are on WhatsApp. Even if I'm the technician I've found, it's annoying to watch all the mailboxes. I often use WhatsApp every day when the government allows, sometimes I check Facebook as once a week and I have not touched Instagram in two months.

So when it comes

This is no doubt a useful feature, but it will not happen overnight. Facebook revealed to the BBC that this would be the beginning of a long process. The technological process that is needed to see this change is probably enormous.

In fact, it is said that it will include a full rewrite of the base code, which is understandable, as Instagram does not even have an end-to-end (E2E). Messenger supports E2E but not default. Ultimately, however, it will be worth it. This will mean that users of the three apps can talk to each other. This will also mean that you can answer your WhatsApp chats from say Messenger.

Applying this feature will also have an additional side benefit. In theory, Mark will no longer be able to scan your messages and see your unpleasant secrets due to end-to-end encryption. Facebook is currently scanning your messages to show ads.

Bring it to Jeff

Integrated chat is perhaps one of those features that are so cool that you can not believe it does not exist. So you've already brought him jefe.

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