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Food Banks helped federal workers feed on closing American news

Nurel Story and his IRS colleagues like to return to their community. Sometimes they work voluntarily at Philabundance, a Philadelphia Dining Bank, and on January 22 they spend the evening with a pack of food for the elderly in the area.

But because of the demolition of government records that lasted more than a month before finishing on Friday – albeit temporarily – federal officials, who are usually donors and assistants in food banks, relied on them to eat.

He heard some of the IRS employees who volunteered to join the Philabundance on Tuesday to talk about the emergency market of federal bank workers the next morning.

"You worked for 10, 20, 30 years for the government," said Story, an officer in the National Treasure Union, Chapter 22. "And suddenly things were simply off, without guilt. "

About 800,000 federal workers have missed a monthly income due to government closure. Since credit card accounts, rent checks and mortgage payments were accumulating, and civil servants who had been upgraded or worked unpaid choose between groceries or diapers, food banks across the country met the needs of people who did not are accustomed to leaning on charity.

TSA officers Princess Yang, left, and Erica Gibbs charge food in a car after visiting the Baltimore food pantry.

TSA officers Princess Yang, left, and Erica Gibbs charge food in a car after visiting the Baltimore food pantry. Photograph: Patrick Semanski / AP

And although the closure is over, as politicians spend three weeks trying to search for a border security deal, the prospect of starting again in mid-February is still ahead of the federal sector.

When the Minneapolis Food Board in Plano, Texas, handed over to Martin Luther King's federal workers, the founder and chief executive of the nonprofit organization, Sheryl Jackson, told volunteers that if they ate a man, that would be good.

But about 80 families collected boxes to feed 226 people in their households. Jackson said all the civil servants who came that day were newcomers.

"Food and every other charity program are the last place they want to be. Let this be the message, "Jackson said.

When the big Chicago food store distributed enough food for 200 families at Chicago Midway International Airport on Tuesday, representatives had to reject transport administration officials when demand was out of supply. Then, on Thursday, they brought another 250 boxes to Midway. Between the Coast Guard workers, the federal prison and the two airports in Chicago, the depositary delivered a total of 1295 boxes of food to civil servants this week.

Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer Kate Meer said she had spoken to a federal worker who was actually involved in driving the Food Bank. "In her words," I've always been the sender. I have never been to the host country, "Meyer said.

As American food banks tried to adapt to unforeseen and immediate needs, their money and resources were affected. The larger Pittsburgh Community Food Bank was expected to spend an extra $ 100,000 a week if the suspension went ahead as they planned mobile distributions to take the food directly to civil servants.

TSA worker Amelia Williams, right, is collecting food at a donation site created by the New York Food Bank in New York.

TSA worker Amelia Williams, right, is collecting food at a donation site created by the New York Food Bank in New York. Photo: Justin Lane / EPA

All this belongs to a context in which many food banks are already crucified. When the major recession struck in 2008, demand for food aid jumped sharply, and at least in some parts of the country it never collapsed.

In Chicago, the Food Bank of Mair continues to feed between 800,000 and 900,000 people a year (which six weeks ago, she said, was no news). Due to the lost jobs and the changes in production, she said, this figure has not diminished since the recovery of the economy.

Michael Flood, president and chief executive officer of the Los Angeles Food Bank, said food demand for food in his region increased by 40 percent in one year during a major recession. Although California's unemployment has fallen from more than 12% in 2010 to 4.2% in 2018, the food demand has not yet declined drastically – a trend that it attributes to the high cost of housing in the Los Angeles area Angelis.

In some parts of the country, food bank organizers saw a change when federal officials did not get their first salary. In other places, urgency came when government workers realized they would probably miss another.

"The loss of one salary is difficult," said Story. "The loss of two salaries can be catastrophic in some areas."

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