Monday , January 25 2021

Former Nintendo Exec Damon Baker joins Xbox as portfolio manager – Variety

Former Nintendo Partner Leader, Damon Baker, is the new Xbox portfolio manager. He shared the news on Twitter on Monday.

Baker said he "gained knowledge this month" in his new role. As a portfolio manager, it will help evaluate the entire content of a second and a third person.

Baker left Nintendo in December after more than 12 years in the company. He started his career there in 2006 as a global brand licensing manager, according to his LinkedIn account. Three years later, he moved to the leadership of third-party marketing and communications. In 2016 he became the head of partner management.

"As a lifelong and steady Nintendo fan, I am extremely honored to support third-party businesses as a protector of their incredible work," Baker said in a letter sent to Twitter last month announcing his departure. "After 12+ years at Nintendo I decided to pursue a new opportunity in 2019."

"While I'm thinking about my time with Nintendo, I have a sincere gratitude for the gaming community as a whole," he added. "I am grateful to all industrial developers, publishers, artists, programmers, marketers, media, influential and all who play games. Your support for great content has helped to identify this generation of platforms and to realize the dreams of many. I am both humble and proud that I am close to this magic. "

"It's great that you're on board, welcome to the team," said Phil Spencer, head of the Xbox.

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