Monday , June 14 2021

Fortnite "Save the World" finishes the boxes for looting blindly

Fortnite removes his boxes of blind robbery, and replaces "V-Buck Llamas" with "X-Ray Lama," which shows his contents before being opened. The qualifier here is for Fortnite: Save the World which nobody plays.

The change is as effective as patch 7.30, Epic Games said in a post yesterday. Earlier, the Upgrade Llamas was a 50-bucks move and contained an assortment of skins, weapons and other loot. "X-Ray Llamas" is still the same 50 V-buck price. If players do not like what is available in one, they can wait for the daily refresh of the store and the new selection of items they offer.

The change will include the pad prevention feature introduced a few patches ago. For example, a lama will determine the rarity and type of the item and then choose an item that is not in the inventory or collection book of the player. However, if they already have everything from a rare item to an item (say, all legendary rifles), it will duplicate this item and will not choose from another category.

Epic Games

All current Save the world Players get five Llama upgrades to see how it works for free. The new X-ray lamps can not be opened in bulk (because their contents must be displayed first) and the rest – Mini Llamas and Llamas – can be opened. Still earned with resources acquired in the gameplay.

Lllamas exist in King battle but they are rare, found only in the game, spawn in strange places and contain more elements. They are also not seen as X-rays.

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