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Fortnite Season 10: Dusty Depot and the visitor can come back


Fortnite season 10 teaser

Something's coming.

Epic Games

Fortnite season 10 will begin on August 1st Last view between the giant robot and the monsters of the Polar Peak players speculated what will change next season. During The FA Cup World CupEpic Games has released an image that looks like Dusty Depot will return. Then, on Monday, the developer released another image that raised even more questions, including the possible return of the visitor.

Who is the visitor?

Monday season 10 teaser image by Epic showed something that looks like a robot, but not the same robot from The Final Showdown. However, players are not interested in mecha. Instead, this is the symbol on the left, which makes fans of the game irritated. Many have noticed that it is the same tattoo on the hand of The Visitor, a secret team of Fortnite Season 4.

In Fortnite season 4, the story of the season revolves around the meteor that destroyed the Dusty Depot. Inside the meteorite was the visitor, who was supposed to be a traveler in time. He is responsible for rocket launching This ended season 4, which caused a series of anomalies over time and created a crack in the sky.

In addition to a single symbol, there are no theories about the mecha and the symbol on the right.

What is Dusty Depot?

One of the original sites on the island, Dusty Depot, was destroyed at the end of Season 3, when a meteor struck in it as part of the event, ending with a season. It is then renamed Dusty Divot and is known for having a craft research lab in the crater created by the impact of the meteor.

The Epic Epic Teaser displays the Fortnite logo for season 10 with the giant "X" and three hangars that were trademarks of Dusty Depot. The company writes on Sunday the same photo with the words "think backwards."

So far, Epic has kept the cover of what's coming in Fortnite season 10. There's a giant ball in Loot Lake called Singularity that pulsates with strength and changes every day.

Players will have to wait until August 1 to see how the island will change for the next season.

Originally posted on July 28, 1:41 PM PT.
Update, July 29: Adds a second toughened image.

Correction, 1:58 PT: This story was initially incorrect when Dusty Depot was destroyed. This happened at the end of the third season.

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