Monday , October 3 2022

Fortnite season 10 teasers point to the visitor, a dusty depot


Fortnite Season 10 is almost in front of us. The next season of the popular Epic Battle royale game officially launched on all platforms this Thursday, August 1, and as the developer has traditionally done before each season, he began to play a few jokes for images that seem to hint at some point a major theme for the new season .

The first teaser you can see below was shared before the Fortnite World Cup finals. The tweezy just reads "Think Backward" and includes an image of Dusty Depot, which was known to be destroyed by a giant meteor and became Dusty Divot not until Season 4. This seems to suggest that the favorite area may return to season 10.

The second teaser image that dropped out earlier today presents what seems to be something new that comes in the game. "Look forward," says the tweety, which again hints at some disturbance in the space and the time that is going on during the new season. You can view the second teaser below. What may be more noticeable than a mech is the symbols of the parties. The one on the left corresponds to a character decorated with The Drifter, a leather from the beginning of season 4. This fine reference may suggest that the skin or character returns to a certain role.

Every seasonal change in Fortnite is usually preceded by a changing world event and earlier this month a giant robot fights with the monster that had previously frozen under the Polar Peak. Eventually, the mech managed to defeat the monster by striking him with a giant sword hidden beneath Neo Slanted, but the Luot Lake Safe was damaged during confrontation and became increasingly unstable, which could be the catalyst for whatever it is with time event up to 10 season.

With season 10 just a few days, time runs out quickly to complete the challenges of Fortnite's Season 9. If you need help building up all the other tasks, you can find tips and guides for all the more complex in our full a series of Challenges for Season 9. Fortnite's second birthday event is also held until July 31 and it has its own set of challenges to complete and unlock awards. Most are pretty straightforward, but the only one who can create a problem asks you to dance to 10 different birthday cakes. Do not forget to check out our birthday cake guide.

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