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Game 4 in Erangel begins – Technology News, Firstpost


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On the second day we saw incredible gameplay from all the teams participating in the Split Split Spring Final PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2019. During the day 16 teams fought against each other in six different games to get the maximum points they could accumulate. At the end of this global tournament, the winning team will win a $ 180,000 prize.

Open PUBG Mobile Club 2019 Day 3 LIVE: Game 4 in Erangel begins

PUBG Mobile Club Open 2019.

The games were played on Sanhok, Miramar, Vikendi and three times on Erangel. Although winning the match or getting "chicken dinner" gives the most points, other parameters, including damage, killing and revival, also contribute to the final result. At the end of the tournament the team with the most points will be crowned as the winner.

Team Soul from India managed to get a chicken dinner in the tenth round of Erangel. X-Quest from China, who were leading Day 1, also remain at the top of Day 2. Here's the Day 2 ranking.

  1. X-Quest – 212 points
  2. Elite games – 193 points
  3. Best exports – 184 points
  4. Nova Esports – 183 points
  5. RRQ Athens – 151 points
  6. GC Busan – 144 points
  7. Team soul – 144 points
  8. Team unique – 136 points
  9. Purple mood – 123 points
  10. Bigportron Esports – 119 points
  11. Team Voi – 119 points
  12. Spacestation Gaming – 110 points
  13. All games to reject – 107 points
  14. Team SNT – 101 points
  15. SCARZ Black – 69 points
  16. Assassins of Brazil – 61 points

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Day 3 will be the last day of the tournament and will also have six matches in the same format as Day 2. Here is the hope that TEAM SOUL can make India proud and take home the biggest price in mobile history.

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