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"GO" Kneadable dough makes Grafen malleable and easy to operate

A team of scientists developed a GO dough that aims to revolutionize graphene production. The material is easy to apply and mold, easy to use without problems that come with graphene oxide. ( Northwest University )

A team of scientists has turned graphene oxide into a replaceable and molded game dough that can be used to create individual three-dimensional structures.

Called GO Dough, the product promises to address the challenges that arise from the production, storage, delivery and use of graphene. The aim of the researchers is to turn graphene oxide into widely available engineering material.

A report was published in the journal discussing the dough GO Nature Communications,

How did they create a GO dough?

The team, led by Jiaxing Huang of the Northwest University, created a GO dough by adding "ultra-high concentration of graphene oxide in the water." They explained that although they can use binders like plastic to make it test, they have to process the material again to remove the additives and turn graphene oxide back into its pure form.

With water they managed to make graphene oxide in molded dough. Adding more water will make the dough a high quality GO dispersion.

"Currently, graphene oxide is stored as dry solids or powders that are prone to burning and explosion," Huang said. "Or they have to become diluted dispersions that multiply the mass of the material by hundreds or thousands.

According to the researchers, after being transformed into three-dimensional structures, the GO dough can be converted into solids that are "electrically conductive, chemically stable and mechanically rigid". GO dough can be processed into various forms of graphene materials with adjustable microstructures.

Grafen Play a dough for engineers

Huang and his team believe that the easy use of GO dough can make manufacturers realize their potential to become super material. Graphene oxide is used to produce graphene, the thinnest material known to man, but is about 200 times stronger than steel. Graphene is an excellent conductor and has the ability to absorb light, making it ideal for use in electronic products and energy storage.

"My dream is to turn the graphene-based leaves into widely available, easy-to-use engineering material, just like plastic, glass and steel," Huang said. "I hope the GO dough can help inspire new uses of graphite-based materials, and how dough to play can inspire the imagination and creativity of young children."

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