Sunday , September 15 2019
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Google shuts down the Jump VR platform in June

IN Email sent to users and a message posted at the top of the FAQ page, the tech giant said the platform would stop receiving pickups for processing at 23:59 on the Pacific Region on June 26th. Those who want a copy of the data they uploaded in the cloud will have to download them by June 27th. On June 28, Google will begin deleting the Jump cloud data and disabling accounts.

Based on what the company said to consumers, the declining consumer base forced him to shut down the service. "…[We] we saw the emergence of a number of good alternative solutions for the creators, including the VR180. Since these new cameras, formats and editing tools have become available, we have seen that the use of Jump Assembler is decreasing. "Fortunately, camera platforms that support Jump, such as GoPro Odyssey and Yi Halo, will continue to work with third-party video editing software – – Eventually they cost tens of thousands of dollars.

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