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Gratomic and TODAQ Announce Partnership in the Supply Chain to Track Trading Chip from Source to End User on TODA

"The Tire Market requires products that provide fuel efficiency, safe operation and extended wear." GODAQ's integration of Gratomic operations and products into the TODA-as-a-service ("TaaS") platform enables us to achieve the desired products effectively and efficiently in the hands of customers, with the idea of ​​knowing what they possess were observed from the raw material to the final product, "said Gratomic's chairman and co-executive director Sheldon Inventash,

The project will focus on providing indisputable proofs of origin regarding the supply of graphite by Gratomic and the subsequent synthesis of nano-graphene commercial nano-engineering products throughout the global graphite-to-end consumer market.

"It is a pleasure for us to add Gratomic as our partner for developing mining products along with our other projects for supply chains of pharmaceuticals and energy. Grafen from Gratomic's special graphite source and, of course, drawing attention to the potential for counterfeits and counterfeits that can become a permanent source of leakage. Park Sung Su, Managing Director of TODAQ Seoul,

The project will be launched in 2019 as Gratomic markets its finished products, starting with the first evidence of concepts and commercial delivery of the fuel efficient tire in cooperation with its development partner Perpetuus Carbon Technologies.

"Our graphite mine Namibia delivers some of the finest graffiti top quality to facilitate commercial processing. A methodology to monitor what graphite source is handled in a particular product is a mechanism for changing the game, "he said. Brand ArnonChief Executive Officer of Gratomic.

It is expected that the whole project will cover many continents with an equal cross-border settlement of transactions in less than a minute and will aim to effectively demonstrate results that can be increased for commercial purposes in 2020. include value-added commercial financing services on the TaaS platform.

"The TODA protocol provides individual ownership of your own data, and TODAQ is here to ensure secure and effective international trade and to settle the deal." The value of this project is that once a customer purchases grappa ultra-efficient tires, they own this digital "Active and embedded evidence of the tire without requiring any other intermediary, including mine, processor, manufacturing company, retailer or even TODAQ," said TODAQ CEO, Hassan Han,

About TODAQ Holdings Inc.

TODAQ is fintech's "bank of the future", which offers both a delivery solution platform and a consumer solutions platform for businesses, banks and intelligent cities for all their asset and money transactions. It also intends to provide these customers with access to finance and value added insurance services. Initially, TODAQ is responsible for distributing the Toda Note (TDN), cryptographic controlled supply with 237 USD supported the digital notes intended to be used as a trade and industry exchange tool.

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Hassan Han, Chief Executive Officer, +1 416-704-3113 Email Inquiries: [email protected]

About Gratomic Inc.

Gratomic is a modern materials company focused on mine to market the commercialization of graphite products, especially the high quality components of graphene for a number of mass-market products. We cooperate with a leading European grape producer to use graphite Aukam to produce graphene products for commercialization on an industrial scale. The company is registered with the TSX Venture Exchange under the GRAT symbol.

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For more information: Visit the website at or contact: Brand Arnon, Co-CEO, +1 416-561-4095, e-mail inquiries: [email protected]

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