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Half of Facebook users can be fake, the report says

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More than 50% of Facebook Consumers are fake, according to a report released on January 24th.

According to the author, the platform has no way to accurately measure active users to tell how real they are.

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A new report, published Thursday, January 24, suggests that over half of Facebook's active monthly users are fake.

Although the proposal comes with an explanation, it is important to bear in mind that the author was a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard. Mashable notes. The report also comes with a disclosure that states: "Aaron Greenspan has the capabilities of the FB in a personal capacity. In 2009, he entered into a confidential agreement with Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, Inc. "

According to Greenspan, the measurement of the user base platform is not – and will never be precise enough. Therefore, the indicators they report are overvalued.

"The fact is that Facebook is not available now and there will not be a precise way to measure the bogus profile problem. The precise judgment of whether an account is fake or not often is something that a person can not do with a high level of security, not to mention a computer, "the report says. "Those who hope to abuse Facebook have a number of tools: infinitely cheap workforce, abundant SIM cards, proxy servers and even software like Jarvee, one of dozens of programs that can create realistic fake accounts in social media automated. "

"Taking into account all of these factors, we estimate that 50% or more of current Facebook MOVs [monthly active users] are actually fake, "he says.

Facebook, however, denies that Greenspan's analysis is true in email to Mashable,

"This is unambiguously mistaken and responsible reporting means reporting facts, even if it's a counterfeit account," a spokesman said.

For more information about fake Facebook users (and more), you can access the full report here.

In other news on Facebook …

The social media giant has just begun a function that allows people to participate in politics and social justice. Community actions called, allows people to petition through their social media page. The goal is for people to use this feature to call for change from selected officials and government agencies.

On the other side of the spectrum, Facebook has also recently revealed that they are works on memes emission called LOL. It's still in the early stages, but we really hope this idea will come true because it sounds incredible.

Plus, Aaron Sorkin recently revealed that there was a back and forth discussion regarding continuation of Social networkFor almost a decade, he and David Fincher have released the film, and obviously it's time for another.

Definitely there have been enough events around Facebook over the past few years to create a sequel. From the hacker scandals to the Cambridge Analytic problem, Sorkin You have to be a Social network 2.

Social network fell into theaters as early as 2010, with nearly $ 225 million worldwide. Not bad, given that the film has a budget of $ 40 million. The film has won eight Academy Award nominations, Best Featured Screenplay, Best Original Score, and Best Movie Editor.

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