Monday , June 21 2021

Healthy VP calls Apple Heart survey results and more during the event

Apple is conducting a series of heart-related events in its retail stores this month in honor of Heart Month. Last night, an event was held at the Apple Square store in San Francisco, and Sumbul Desai's vice president was present. Desai talks about Apple Heart Study and more.

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As stated by CNBCThe event began with a panel dedicated to heart health and growing health ambitions of Apple. Desai plays a major role in Apple's health efforts. She joined Apple from Stanford Medicine in 2017.

Speaking at yesterday's event, Desai said that Apple's work gives her an opportunity to scale. "I went to a medical school to have an influence and now I have the opportunity to be able to do this on a scale," she said.

Besides, Desi and Harrington said the results of the Apple study will be released on March 16th. In November, Stanford points out that over 400,000 people joined the Apple Watch Heart Study.

At yesterday's event, Harrington outlined some of what he hoped to learn from the results:

He noted that in the field of medicine, the incidence of atrial fibrillation, a condition that puts people at risk of strokes, in a population, is not yet known. It is not common to study such a large population, since most clinical studies are limited to several thousand people.

For her part, Desai added she was interested in seeing doctors managing the new information provided by Apple Watch and how users respond to it. She also noted that she and other Apple employees read letters sent to Tim Cook about health stories. "This leads to the work we do at Apple," Desai said.

The "Today at Apple" session ended with a walk around the Jenkins block so that the participants could try the Apple Watch fitness features.

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