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How to Watch Bellator 214 "Fedor vs Bader" on Paramount Network and DAZN

Everything Goes Down TONIGHT (Saturday, January 26, 2019) at Bellator 214: "Fedor vs. Bader" inside the Inglewood, California heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader faces the former legend of the Emilianenko Festival. the winner of the heavyweight Bellator Grand Prix.

Before Bader attempts to make the story, becoming a two-legged Bellator champion, Aero Pico's and Henry Corralees's highest stars will face, professional Jack Sauger (Jake Hager) will start his career against mixed martial arts against J. Kiser and Bantamweights with just one loss struggle for the title race while Ricky Bandejas meets Juan Archuleta. It's an action-packed event with something that almost everyone is watching.

What's new:

"The Last Emperor," Fedor Emelianenko, is considered by many to be the greatest heavyweight MMA of all time, but the top of his valor was Pride FC in the 2000s. At 42, Fedor says he is fighting for Russia, not his own glory, but that would be an appropriate return to GOT. to claim another heavyweight in his career and career. Ryan "Darth" Bader will not do that easily. He ran his tournament gently and strangled the bigger and stronger Matt Mitrion with his wrestling wrestling. Emelianenko has an impact power of even 42 years, but you usually you have to stand up to generate as much force as you throw it.

Two battles of the race harden the main map at the opposite end of the weight class spectrum. Juan Archeleta holds a remarkable victory with 16 wins in his fight with the Bantamweight, but Ricky Bandejas proves he is ready by removing the highly advertised James Gallagher to give him the first loss. In addition, the one-time hope of the Olympic Games, Aaron Pico, seems to take its fifth victory, but Henry "OK" Corralees has the same goal, and longtime Beatle veteran must feel that his time is now to make the title of the fifth,

What is not:

Let's be honest and agree that Jake Hager is given every opportunity to succeed, provided he does not take any crap on the big stage, as Greg Hardy did. His opponent was so confused by the conference call that he thought he was fighting in the Octagon. I'm sure both Brandon McMahan and Adele Altamies are excited to be on the main card, but with 5-6 and 7-5 records, you may be wondering why. I'll tell you why – a television time movie.

Original Card Vs. Actual card:

The defense of the middleweight title was initially scheduled for this event, but Geghard Musiasi withdrew for an injury, leaving Rafael Lovato unbeaten junior without an opponent. In addition, this card remains largely the same as giving or taking away a few "Prelims" changes to battle boards that were not officially announced by Bellator until last week.

Look below in the full range of Bellator 214 starter cards:

Main Map (Paramount Network/DAZN) – 9 pm. ET / 6 hours PT

Fedor Emilianenko vs. Ryan Bader
Aaron Pico vs. Henry Coralles
Jake Hager vs. J. Kaiser
Juan Archeleta vs Ricky Bandyas
Brandon McMahan vs. Adele Altami

"In advance"DAZN) – 7 pm. ET / 4 hours PT

A.J. Agassar vs. Jesse Roberts
Chris Gonzalez vs. Henry Mendes
Weber Almeida vs Odan Chinchilla
Jay-Wilson vs. Tyler Bennek
Sean Johnson vs. Arturo Rivas
Jorge Juarez vs. David Pacheco
Jesse Merritt vs. Tor Skane
Osman Diaz vs. Christopher Reyes
James Barnes vs. Ryan Lily
Ian Butler vs. Craig Placket
Steve Ramirez vs. Desmond Torres

Here are all ways to capture the action:


  • Bellator 214: "Fedor vs. Bader "Early" Prelims "can be seen on DAZN via your MAC / PC, smartphone or several other streaming devices.
  • Subscriptions cost $ 9.99 a month, but DAZN offers its first month free for new members who want to catch "Fedor vs. Bader" later tonight.


  • Bellator 214's is exclusive to Paramount Network (formerly Spike TV) in the United States. Check your local suppliers. It will also be updated online via DAZN.


  • Dave & Buster's official Bellator MMA sports bar. For a list of places in the United States to find one in the area, click here. will deliver a LIVING Round-Round, full-stroke impact of the entire Battle of Bellator 214, starting with DAZN "Prelims" undercard bouts at 19:00. ET before the start time of the main map at 19:00 ET of Paramount Network.

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