Sunday , June 20 2021

iOS 12.2 to Enter HomeKit TV Support, Processed Remote UI

Apple's upcoming iOS 12.2 software will feature HomeKit TV support, a remodeled remote widget, and new video playback controls. These new features can be used to control TVs from LG, Sony and Vizio.

Control LG, Sony and Vizio TVs

Apple released the first beta beta version of iOS 12.2 (and tvOS 12.2) and laid the foundation for HomeKit support on TVs from LG, Sony and Vizio (Samsung TVs will not support HomeKit). This also gives us a rough idea of ​​how all this will work.

From your iPhone, you can set up HomeKit-powered TVs using the Home app. Of course, none of these TVs have been released, so we can not check how it works.

        Apple iOS 12.2 Control Center for Television         Apple iOS 12.2 Control Center for Television

In addition, Apple has renewed its lock screen and control center panel. This functionality already works with Apple TV and we expect a similar integration with HomeKit-supporting TVs.

From this control panel (see screenshot), you will be able to see what's currently being played on your TV, controlling video playback, adjusting the volume of your TV, or connecting 2 Airplay speakers (not on LG, Sony and Vizio) and quickly drag Remote (the leftmost icon). We assume that video playback must be enabled through Airplay 2 to be able to work with LG, Sony and Vizio.

Finally, Apple has redesigned the on-screen remote user interface that can be activated by the control center. It no longer has buttons for fast forward and backward, the Menu button is reduced in size and now occupies the entire screen.

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To him Page "Air Game"Apple focuses on how Siri's iPhone can send video to your TV with commands such as "Hey Siiy, play on the thrones of the TV in my living room." This functionality is not yet active with iOS / tvOS 12.2. It may appear in later beta versions of version 12.2 or a later version of the software.

We have not found new features yet in tvOS 12.2.

Apple has not confirmed that iOS / tvOS 12.2 will be publicly available. From the first developer, beta usually takes a few weeks.

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