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It is time to close the borders of South Africa

Friends from South Africa
Our border posts, like this near here at the Jeppes Reef, are designed to protect South Africans and their interests, whether it is cross-border crime, drug trafficking, illegal immigration or illegal cash flow. But they do not. Instead, they are weak and vulnerable to exploitation and pose a risk to all South Africans.

The lack of staff, insufficiently equipped and poorly maintained, our borders and border crossings have become an easy choice for those who want to enter our country illegally or to carry out illegal activities on both sides of the border. And especially the poor South Africans, not the wealthy and powerful in the government, bear the burden of this problem.

Poor South Africans are the subject of cross-border drug trafficking. Poor South Africans are victims of trafficking syndicates. Poor South Africans face growing competition for health, education and housing. And poor South Africans whose lives are most affected when we lose valuable tax revenues for illegal trade and smuggling.

When the prosecution calls for safer borders and better documentation for all people entering our country, this is because we act in the interests of the most affected: the poor South Africans.

Ironically, it is our poros, weak borders that seem to benefit the ruling elite and their billionaire friends all over the world. How else did Jacob Zuma bring hundreds of millions of Gaddafi's Randy to South Africa to hide him on his farm? And how else could he move this huge amount of money through the eSwatini border?

If our borders were secure and if these border posts were properly equipped and well-prepared by staff who were ready to do their jobs without fear or favor, the Gaddafi's millions would never enter our country illegally, not to mention our country again Similarly. ,

No country in the world can afford to close its eyes for the arriving and crossing borders. Yet our government has allowed the situation to deteriorate to the extent that some stretches of our land borders are completely free for all.

On the other hand, the prosecutor's office has a comprehensive plan to immediately include our frontier borders and reform internal affairs to free itself of its corruption and incompetence. If the old government of ANC does not fix it, then the new government will do so.

Our plan includes auditing, proper recording and, where appropriate, legalization of all foreign citizens without documents already in the country.

We will facilitate legal entry and residence for qualified immigrants and companies from all countries, especially from Africa. We will also help South Africans to travel and do business, and we will help those who want to live, work and trade in South Africa legally.

Our plan also includes assistance and support for asylum seekers as well as the protection of refugees and those who have been trafficked across our borders.

We will review the number and size of border crossings in order to increase the number of places for legal entry and exit and ensure effective and coordinated border security by increasing the capacity of the police at our border crossings and at our borders.

We will also increase the 15 SANDF companies that protect the borders of South Africa to the required 22 companies and ensure that they are adequately equipped and trained.

These are just some of the steps the government will take to ensure South Africans are protected and their interests protected. I urge you to read our manifesto to get the complete plan for our borders as well as our plan to clean up the interior.

But if we want to make this plan a reality, you will have to do a little bit first. You have to add your voice to the millions of others who are tired of the empty promises and endless corruption of the ANC government and who want change.

Take this opportunity on May 8 to shape the fate of our country and help build the South Africa you want to live in. Only through the power of our collective voices can we make our democracy work for us.

May we make the 8th of May the day that we will regain power from those who have abused it for too long. Together, we will build a single, prosperous South Africa for everyone.

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