Sunday , June 20 2021

Liverpool's potential transfer is given first-line treatment

After years of reading Tuttosport and their thousands of rumors of transfer, we will be really disappointed to see how they exclude Juventus' chances to sign Mohamed Salah from Liverpool for £ 175m.

But today they keep it straight. The story is on their first page, although they do not have any information to add to it.

Based on allegations by The Guardian and Sky News Arabia, Tuttosport argues that it is quite possible that the Old Lady will take Salah from the red.

They first tell the story of the player and how he succeeded in Italy. They then recall that Juventus has already shown its financial strength with the signing of Aaron Ramsay and Cristiano Ronaldo.

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It is strange that the move of Paolo Diballa to Liverpool is mentioned on the front page, but not in history. The only thing they say about Argentina's departure is that fans like it a lot, but things will be okay after the move has opened for Sala to arrive.

The first page is "Dybala for Salah", but the story is not about sending the Juve player to Liverpool as part of a potential deal.

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