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Local Health Questions and Answers: Do not Let Time Money Prevent Mammography – Entertainment & Life – Charleston Express

Question: What can I do if I do not have much time or money for mammography?

Michelle binds with the Mercy Center for Breastfeeding explains:

If you need mammography, but you do not have much time, Mercy offers a mobile mammography unit in western Arkansas and eastern Oklahoma. The Mercy Breast Center in Fort Smith offers an online timetable for mammograms to save time at

Mercy also has resources to help pay mammography for those who have financial needs or are under-insured or uninsured.

In the US, one in eight women will learn to have breast cancer at some point in their lives. The earlier you can find breast cancer, the better your chances of successful treatment. That's why Mercy offers convenient options.

With the updated digital technology, the Mercy Mammography Mobile Module makes mammography quick and comfortable. Actual screening usually takes only 15 minutes and is done by registered female technologists.

With Mercy's Mobile Mammography, you still have the benefits of an office exam:

• Digital Mammography means you will get clear and detailed images for diagnosis.

• A private, comfortable setting makes your experience as enjoyable as possible.

• Mammographic images are read by Mercy Radiologists at the Mercy Breast Center in Fort Smith.

• All Mercy breast imaging equipment, including the mobile device, meets national quality standards.

The test is usually covered by health insurance. Mercy will help bring the claim.

An annual mammogram screening is recommended for women over 40 years of age. Mammograms are the best means of detecting breast cancer at the earliest and most curable stage.

Mercy Breast Center is a provider of the Arkansas BreastCare program. The Mercy Health Foundation also sponsors the "Save lives" program. Both programs are available to help women who are uninsured or do not pay for mammograms and other services needed to diagnose breast cancer.

For added tranquility, Mercy Breast Center offers 3D mammogram screening. Also known as tomosynthesis, 3D mammography is the only specially developed breast cancer screening technology and FDA approved for women with dense breast tissue. He uses an X-ray to create 3D pictures of breast tissue and is specifically designed to help doctors discover cancers that are hidden in dense breast tissue.

For a schedule of Mercy Mobile Mammography Unit, click here. For general information, call Mercy's Chest Center at 479-314-5260. To schedule mammography, call (479) 314-7855 or visit

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