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Long Flight Tips to Make a Seamless Trip

Traveling can be fun – even if it's for work – but if you go somewhere far, you have to go on a long flight (or a few) before you start your journey.

Whether you are an experienced traveler or someone who wants to take their first international flight, here are some tips that can help you stay comfortable and have a seamless experience.

1. Check which airline actually operates your flight – not the one with which you have booked

While you may have purchased your ticket from a particular airline, or if you have seen that if you purchased the ticket through a third-party website, you are likely to travel a very different airline.

Airlines operate in partnerships and alliances, which means you can book a flight to an airline partner without realizing it. This can make you go to the wrong terminal at the airport – it's not a great way to start your journey!

For example, even if you book a flight to Paris sold by Delta, you can actually end up with an Air France airline that flies from different JFK terminals in New York.

To avoid confusion, be sure to check your route before heading out to the airport. There may be a small text below the sales airline that says "managed by:" this is the airline you are actually flying.

2. Try to avoid checking your purse – just carry hand luggage, but make sure you check the size

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Checking the bag can cause any trouble, especially if you have a connection or your flight is changing due to time. Additionally, airlines often charge additional charges for checked bags, even on international flights.

Instead, try putting everything in a briefcase. Put all your clothes on the trip and try to reduce the pile to something that can fit in your hand luggage. You can also roll over your clothes, which helps you fit more and prevent the appearance of wrinkles.

In this way, your purse is unlikely to be lost and you will not have to wait for your luggage.

If you eventually check your bag, make sure you carry some spare clothes in your hand luggage – anyway.

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3. Hydrating!

The air you breathe while you are on an airplane can be extremely dry. Plus, when you sit for hours, it is easy to drink less water than is normal without being aware of it.

Before every long-distance flight, I buy a large bottle of water at the airport. Along with the water that is served during the flight, it helps me to be hydrated and feel better when I land. Some anecdotal reports suggest that it can even help you overcome the delay.

4. Dress up comfortably

Clothing is especially important for long flights, even if you are traveling to work, and you have to go to meetings just as you drive. Working outfit can be a great opportunity. I usually try to wear comfortable sneakers that I can take off and put on quickly, and do jeans with a little stretching.

If you're willing to cool, do not forget a sweater or jacket, even in the summer!

Keep in mind that some foreign airlines do not have individual air jets and can keep the cabin warmer than you are accustomed to.

5. Wear any equipment to make yourself comfortable and comfortable


Whether it's a neck cushion, a large noise canceling head, a travel humidifier or anything else, try and expect anything you need to stay comfortable during a flight.

A key set that many people forget, but it can make or break the red eye fields: eye mask and earplugs.

Melissa Vital, a New York publicist, always wears a bag or a small bag full of the essentials.

"A small bag for the most important things needed for the flight," she said. "For me: my comfortable socks, eye mask, face masks, lavender oil, CBD, lip balm, laptop, phone and AirPods."

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6. Do not rely on flying fun!

Many airlines offer rear-seat screens loaded with movies or shows, but relying on it for a long flight is a mistake, says Spencer Howard, Straight blogger at the points.

"Get your favorite shows, movies, podcasts, audio books or whatever on your phone or tablet the night before," he told Business Insider. Sometimes, in-flight fun is great, sometimes you've seen it or you do not find it interesting. "

Plus, there is always the chance that your airplane is not equipped with it or that you have a broken screen and hours of killing.

"Also, do not rely on Wi-Fi at the airport or lounge to be fast enough to download what you want just before you get on your flight," he said.

On a similar note, bring a portable charger with you so you can power your device during a flight or just make sure your phone is fully charged when you land, said Charlie Barkowski, who travel blogs in Running with Miles .

7. Bring any medication into your handmade, unchecked bags and make sure you check your local laws before traveling

If you still check a bag, make sure you take out all the medicines or equipment you need and bring it with you on the plane – in case your bag is lost.

"Pack all the drugs and medical supplies you need in case there's a problem with the checked bags," Howard said.

Also, just because you have a prescription or buy a medicine in the US does not mean it is allowed in any country. Make a quick search from Google before your trip to make sure all the medications you enter are allowed.

8. Imagine your visa situation some time ago

With an American or European passport you can travel to many countries without the need for a visa. In some cases, you can apply in advance, receive and pay for a visa.

However, other countries require you to apply in advance and may take weeks to process. Do not forget to check the visa requirements as soon as you book your trip so you know exactly what you need.

9. Be careful with the on-board drink

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Passengers have been drowned in the sky since about 1950, according to Air & Space Magazine. But that does not mean you have to go through the board.

In addition to the obvious problems that may come from intoxication in an airplane, you also risk becoming too dehydrated or sleeping properly.

Be aware of how alcohol influences you when you fly, and keep in mind that this is often different than it is on the ground. Some people find several drinks – and sometimes even a few – useful for a long flight, some have to keep it for one, and some prefer to touch on a flight. No matter the way it is best for you, do not forget to drink too much water that you bring!

10. Enjoy food and snacks during the flight, but do not overeat

It's easy to eat too much when it's boring, and long flights can really be boring. Although it is important to eat meals and snacks, you want to be careful not to overeat. During a long flight it can be harder to grind, so if you eat too much you may end up feeling uncomfortable until the end of your journey.

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11. Move

Make sure you get up and walk at least every few hours, and periodically stretch your arms and legs as you sit.

Long periods of seated immobility can put you at risk of developing dangerous blood clots called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), especially in the legs where the blood is merging when you are sitting. The easiest way to prevent it is just to move from time to time.

12. If you are worried about sickness or worry during turbulence, hold a seat in the middle of the plane above the wing.

The wings are the center of gravity of the airplanes, so they can reduce the feeling of turbulence or movement during the flight.

13. Remember, you are the best lawyer

If something goes wrong – and the complex logistics of air transport means that sometimes the little things get confused – try not to highlight them. Delayed luggage or missed connections can be stressful as well as dealing with sophisticated airlines' policies and policies, but a little patience can go a long way.

Be polite and informed when trying to solve the problems. If you miss a connection due to a delay and you are on a customer service line, download Google Flights and look for alternative routes. Having a ready offer can be useful when you reach the counter.

If your luggage is lost or delayed, it is a nuisance, but it is likely to be found and delivered to you within a day or two. Buy whatever you need, including clothes, and save all your receipts to claim your airline or your travel insurance company after your trip.

14. Enjoy the flight!

Long flights are what you do from them. They can be boring and monotonous, or they can be wonderful stretches of leisure time during which you can do anything you normally can not find time.

"When else would you have such a continuous time," said Joel Farran, a former Chicago executive who flew ten times internationally. "Bring a diary and write, compile lists, plan or imagine your life."

Whether reading a book that sits unopened on your night stand for half a year, catching up with the magazine that is accumulating, or enjoying some quiet time thinking, writing and dreaming, long flights can be a wonderful break. of our usual hyper-related lives on earth. With such an approach, you will almost be disapproved when it's over!

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