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Love for coffee or tea is all in the gene

Love for coffee or tea is all in the gene. Pexels

These are questions that are guaranteed to divide a group of people in the middle – you prefer coffee or te

Now research shows that the drink you choose might go down to your genes.

The scientists found that coffee lovers were more likely than the average person to taste the bitter caffeine that the drink drank. And they tend to drink less tea, which contains lower levels of caffeine.

Researchers say the fact that someone responds to bitter taste is more written in their genes. Genetic difference scores affect our taste receptors.

The study, led by the University of Queensland in Australia, looked at more than 400,000 British drinking habits and their taste preferences through the British Biobank genetic data.

They found that people who were less sensitive to caffeine drank more tea – and this was especially true for women.

Co-author, Professor Deborah Lawlor, from the University of Bristol, said: "People who are more sensitive to bitter taste usually avoid it in tests of foods such as kale and sprouts. "These results – that people who consume the taste of bitter caffeine are more likely to drink coffee – unexpected."

Like the taste of bitter caffeine? Then you might drink more coffee. Pexels

"But maybe the taste of bitter coffee is more pleasant and tense. If you pay attention to its taste, you can find out more – or realize it can make people more aware of the rumors they get from coffee at the same time. & # 39;

Usually people don't like bitter taste, which we are programmed by evolution to avoid, because that can mean that food or drink is poisonous.

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