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Low fitness, obesity related to a later disability pension

Low fitness, obesity related to a later disability pension

(HealthDay) – Among men, low cardiovascular fitness and obesity in adolescence are associated with an increased risk of later receiving an invalidity pension, according to a study published on February 12 in Anal of Internal Diseases,

Assoc. Prof. Pontus Henriksson of the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm and colleagues conducted a cohort study covering the population, including 1,079,128 male Swedish youths aged 16 to 19 who were employed in the 1972-1994 BMI index (BMI) upon summoning.

Overall, 54,304 men received an invalidity pension during an average follow-up of 28.3 years. Researchers found a strong correlation for low cardiovascular fitness with a later disability pension due to all causes (hazard ratio, 3.74 for the lowest and highest decyl) and for specific reasons (psychiatric, musculoskeletal, nervous system , circulation and tumors). ). A higher risk for getting an invalidity pension for all and specific reasons has been observed in relation to obesity with the highest risk of obesity in Class II and III. In the BMI categories, moderate or strong affiliation is associated with a reduced risk of receiving an invalidity pension as compared to being incapacitated.

"Although further well-developed studies are needed to provide additional evidence, these findings highlight the importance of high cardiorespiratory fitness and healthy body weight during adolescence," the authors write.

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Low fitness, obesity related to a later disability pension (2019, February 12)
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