Sunday , June 13 2021

Mercedes "works hard" to make the W10 2019 F1 suitable for its tires – F1

Mercedes claims to have worked hard to ensure that his new Formula 1 car is much better than the tires that preceded it.

Although last year Mercedes made significant progress in improving the "wild" characteristics of its sophisticated 2017 W08 car, the team was still not satisfied with how well its 18-year-old racer managed to look after its tires .

Speaking of the W10 for the first time in Silverstone, technical director James Alison said the Mercedes has made a lot of effort to ensure that tire management for 2019 will increase.

"Working with W09 was a big improvement over the W8," Alison said.

"We have been able to compete on the slopes we have suffered in recent years.

However, despite this improvement, we were still not as good as some of our competitors to keep the rear tires working.

"We have worked hard on suspension and aerodynamic performance to deliver a car that will be much more favorable to its tires – we hope, hopefully, to allow us to be competitive at all stages of the race and on every runway in the calendar."

One of the other areas of focus of the team was to reduce the weight of their car as the Mercedes-Benz concept with a long base has made it hard to reach the minimum weight limit in recent years.

Allison said an "aggressive" weight loss program was taken in all areas of the car.

"Although the minimum weight limit was lifted by 10 kg in 2019, weight loss remains a real challenge for the current generation of F1 cars," he said.

"The components we felt were stripped to the bones in 2018, were taken one by one, and subjected to a further round of aggressive analysis to relieve them of extra burden.

Some components convey what feels like a giant step of a pound, and a few more, but each of these wins adds up to a few pounds that have been invested back into the car for aerodynamics, suspension and power. brings productivity. "

The Mercedes W10 retains the long wheelbase of its predecessors.

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