Thursday , May 13 2021

Mobile data is faster than WiFi hotspots in these 33 countries – The New Indian Express


LONDON: If you think WiFi hotspots deliver faster internet in your region, and the latest report by OpenSignal indicates that there are 33 countries in the world where mobile data is faster than new-age WiFi hotspots.

These countries include several African, European, Latin American and Middle Eastern nations. There is typically an advantage of 10Mbps or more in places like Australia, Oman, and the Czech Republic, while multi-megabit advantages are seen in places like Austria, Iran and South Africa, Engadget reported.

In countries such as South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore and the US, WiFi has a clear advantage over home broadband.

The findings suggest that WiFi may not be the best when it comes to fast internet. As the world is preparing to welcome 5G, the problems of overcrowded networks may eventually be resolved.

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