Sunday , June 20 2021

Model 3 of Tesla is the "most satisfying" car to own, come out of BMW and Porsche – BGR

The passion that Tsella's owners have for their cars may be unrivaled in the automotive industry. So, although some of Tesla's cars have had a large share of problems – with problems with fitting and finishing the X model, which is an obvious example – the Tesla owners are, in general, much happier with their cars than with everyone another.

Driving this point at home, a new report from Consumer reports (via CNBC) reveals that Tesla's Model 3 is currently the most satisfying car among all car owners. These data are the result of a study in which Consumer reports asked car owners whether they would buy the existing car again if they could go back in time. The survey also called on respondents to answer questions about driving, sound quality, perceived value, comfort, and more.

When the dust settled, Tesla's Model 3 emerged as the winner. In particular, 92% of the current owners of Model 3 said they are not sorry for their purchase. Claiming first place, Tesla's Model 3 was victorious in the competitive field of the established luxury automotive manufacturers such as BMW, Audi and Porsche. Interestingly, Tesla's model managed to reach the fifth place overall.

Model 3 simply took out the similar to the luxury sports car Porsche 911, Genesis G90 of Hyundai and Chevrolet Corvette, which filled the top four cars in the most satisfying car models.

Of course, it's no secret that Tesla has anything controversial Consumer reports in the past based on previous reviews. Last May, for example, Consumer reports failed to give Model 3 a buy recommendation. What customers think of a vehicle is clearly a much more important indicator, and in this respect, Model 3 is clearly a success story.

Finally, if you want to know which cars to avoid, Consumer reports there is also a list of the least satisfying cars on the market, a list that includes Nissan Sentra, Lexus 1S and Acura 1LX.

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