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Mom, 19, died months after losing a newborn son, who has bravely delayed the treatment of cancer


A teenager who bravely delayed the treatment of cancer while pregnant only to lose his newborn son a week after birth.

Brianne Rowling has made headlines after her selfless act to give her son Kiddon the best chance of survival while struggling with leukemia.

Irritating pictures showed that the 19-year-old son holds his son after being born through an emergency Cesarian only to lose his own battles days later.

The teenage girl from Sydney, Australia, was only 17 weeks pregnant when she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of blood cancer.

She had a choice whether to terminate her pregnancy or to spend her full-time son by delaying treatment.

Brianna died only a few days after her 19th birthday

She had bravely delayed the treatment to give her son the best chance of survival

Her decision to continue her pregnancy halves her chances of survival.

However, she was forced to give birth three months earlier as she began to suffer painful pain and fever.

Kyden tragically lost his battle for life 12 days later, after he had a stomach infection.

Speaking at that time, she told Daily Mail: "These 12 days I managed to spend with my boy Kiden holding it, counting my toes and talking to him as I would when he was in my belly.

"They were so special that they were the best 12 days in my life!

Briana said her time with Kidn was the best day of her life

Then the most shocking and heartbreaking news was when he raised a stomach infection and after hours we were told to say goodbye.

"This infection took his precious life and our son grew up his wings."

Having confronted the test, Brian's health seemed to improve, but she made a terrible turn to worse.

After a bone marrow transplant from her brother, the medics started to raise funds for testing that doctors hoped to save her life.

Brianne's family confirmed her death on the fundraising page

She, however, tragically lost her life on December 29 after just two injections and days after her 19th birthday.

Confirming her death, Sister Kurt Rowling wrote at GoFundMe: "Our beautiful Brianne came to the end of her journey here with us here and finally got together with Baby Baby Cayden.

"We are absolutely broken, but at peace, knowing that she is no longer in pain, is no longer in pieces and not sure what news will come next."

"We love you more than the beautiful girl stars, fly high and please guide those who are not sure how to be on this land without their contagious smile."

Brianna fights NK leukemia – a rare and aggressive form of the disease.

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