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MotoGP, Lorenzo: "Today was like a win"

Probably for the first time since Honda, Jorge Lorenzo could finish his day with optimismThe fourth largest in Le Mans was an injecting confidence he desperately needed, although it was not a solution to all his problems, and Majorca's rider was the first to know that. Right now, however, he is also aware that every little step should be appreciated.

"Yesterday I said that any improvement would be a victory for me, and today I won something"he said with a smile.

Maybe he did not hope early in the morning when he finally fell a few minutes before starting the first workout.

"It was a difficult moment from the point of view of the psychehe admitted. " I fell and I had to regain my motivation and the confidence to come back to think positivelyI just thought I had to go on and finally found something better. I will not be able to win on Sunday, but at least I can get close to the best."

Today's result is also an indirect response to yesterday's rumors of a possible ultimatum from Honda. Jorge said he felt bad about this news, but said he did not touch the track.

"I will keep the changes I made today on the secret of the bikehe said jokingly.But I can tell you that I found something to improve during the stop. Honda has a very sensitive front and you have to find out some tricks to drive the best. But it is a characteristic of the bike, which also has many strengths that can be used. Today I found something that allows me to improve my feel and comfort."

Now the place has nothing to do with it.

"In fact, I realized that the standard is the best. The one I used before with Yamaha and then with Ducati does not work on Honda,– he revealed.Tomorrow I'd like to be dry to try other things, but today I could not make a quick tour. Even my pace is not bad. As I said this, we will get points on Sunday and during the race we have to show our progress,"

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