Monday , June 21 2021

NASA makes a last offer to connect with the silent marshland

Image sent by NASA Opportunity rover in 2015 (Nasa / AP)
Image sent by NASA Opportunity rover in 2015 (Nasa / AP)

Nasa is trying to connect with recorder Mars Opportunity for the last time before giving up.

The router is silent for eight months, sacrificing one of the most intense dust storms in decades.

Thick powder clouded the sky last summer and for months it blocked the sunlight from the solar panels of the spacecraft.

Image of Mars from the Hubble Space Telescope (Nasa / Esa / PA)

NASA said on Tuesday it will issue the latest series of recovery commands over more than 1,000 already sent.

If there is no response to NASA to the middle, Opportunity will be declared dead 15 years after the red planet arrives.

Team members are already looking at Opportunity's achievements, including the confirmation water that once flowed to Mars.

Possibility was the longest landmark on Mars.

In addition to stamina, the six-wheeled rover set a 28-mile roaming record.

The Opportunity Landing Platform with newly-prepared songs (Nasa / AP)

Her identical twin, the Spirit, has been declared dead in 2011, a year after it hit the sand and the communication stopped.

Both survived and surpassed the expectations of the opposite sides of Mars.

Large golf carts were designed to work as geologists for only three months after they jumped our planetary neighbor in January 2004.

They started from Cape Canaveral one month, except in 2003.

It's no easier to say goodbye to Opportunity than to Spirit, "said project manager John Callas.

"It's just like a loved one who's gone, and you still hope that they will come out and that they're healthy," he said.

"But every passing day is diminishing and at some point you have to say" enough "and go on with your life. "

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