Thursday , July 29 2021

Neimar news transfer: Brazil star to force PSG exit as Barca are preparing to welcome star forward back

The catalogs want the Brazilian to take the initiative and insist on returning to Camp Nou while he will also have to repair bridges with fans

Barcelona launched the Operation Neimar to sign again the Brazilian striker who is ready to call his career in Paris Saint-Germain.

Purpose understands that the catamals were in contact with Neamar camp to begin the process of their return to Camp Nou.

Neimar, who moved to PSG in 2017 for a worldwide transfer fee of € 222 million, is unhappy with the Park de Prince and is looking for an exit, although a little over a year in France he is charged with goals and trophies.

The star's team has been in touch with several Barca directors who responded with detailed instructions on how the deal, which it seemed impossible for a few months ago, could become a reality.

In the first place, Barca insists that after Pep Segura's public comments on the possibility of a Brazilian return, the next step should come from the player himself.

The board of the club is aware that the way Neamar has left leaves a lot of fans disappointed by his behavior that he rushed to his departure and did not behave like the famous club.

As a gesture of goodwill, Neimar could make a public statement, assuming his hatred to leave in a way that would have calmed his cautious supporters.

Wage cuts may be necessary. Neimar takes almost 40 million euros from PSG, which aims to cope with Barca's capabilities to keep his salaries under control.

The Blaugrana board sees such a reduction, which is essential for the success of the deal as long as the goal understands that Neamar would also like to negotiate lower terms.

Neymar PSG Paris Saint Germain 2018-19

"If the war continues, Neymar will be unable to return," said the director of the Catalonian club to Globe on several litigation that still faces the player and the club in Spain.

The DIS case, due to his first days in Barca after his controversial translation from Santos, is still heard while Neamar's statement of alleged 26 million Euros unpaid salary and opposition from Barca over 30 million Euro bonuses of its renewal is also unauthorized.

If both sides are serious about their return, they must bury the ax and put the attorneys on holiday.

The PSG will also have to be compensated after receiving relatively little in exchange for today's mammoth investment. Once Neamar meets the conditions defined by the Barca roadmap described above, the club will turn its attention to the League 1 giants.

To avoid the hostility that is open or bounced under the surface for years to come, Barca believes that Neamar has to force the problem by making public recognition that he is not pleased with the PSG and wants a change in the landscape.

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Such a move will soften the position of the Parisians at the negotiating table and allow talks to happen, and the catalogs will be able to use Ivan Rakitic or Osweine Dembele as negotiating chips.

Neimar is aware of what needs to be done to seal his return to Camp Nou. He and his camp have been informed of all Barcelona requirements and he is obliged to show that it is serious to rejoin Lionel Messi and Co.

If he does not, Barca's point of view is very simple: there will be no emotional return to his prodigal son.

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