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Nick Kirghios and Nadal continue to negotiate

The war of words between the camp of Rafael Nadal and Nick Kirghios continued, with the uncle of the Spaniard and the offensive Australian who are now exchanging bombs.

Kirghios again turned to the social media to respond to the comments, this time by Tony Nadal.

This happened after the last collapse in the world during the court in the world. He left during the Italian team's match against the Norwegian qualifier Kasper Ruud after casting a chair on the red clay.

"I feel bad about him but something fails, ATP has given him too much noise, he plays very well, but with another mentality that will aim for the maximum, he has to make efforts to change," said uncle of the world No. 2 Nadal told El Espanyol.

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"It's hard to take on the pressure and difficulty of the race, he does not do anything good in sports, after all he has no choice but to punish him.

"It's bad for tennis and it has entered into a dynamism that hurts it, something fails, it's not normal, I see the images and its attitude is quite painful."

Kyrgios replied via Twitter, blinking emoticons and the words: "I will try to clean up my act."

This is interpreted as a continuation of the Kirghios line against the attacking clay specialist who began after the duo's clash at Mexico Open in Acapulco.

On this occasion, Kirgios uses Instagram to conceal the rumors that Nadal is connected to a Spanish doping network – Canberra used a sympathetic emotto by signing a photo of him, and Nadal exchanged a dirty handshake with: I play this dude. "

Between these two exchanges, Kirghios appeared in the New York Times reporter Ben Rothenberg titled "Challenges Remaining Podcast".

"It's my polar opposite, like my literal opposite. And he's super salty, "said Kirghios.

"When he wins, everything is fine, he will not say anything bad, he will recognize the opponent," He was a great player. "But when we beat him, it's just," He does not respect me. , my fans and no respect for the game.

"And I'm like," What are you talking about? I literally played this way when you beat other times and nothing changed, nothing changed. "

– I do not feel well to look at you. And then (former Nadal coach) Uncle Tony came out and said, "There is no education."

"I'm like," Bra, I'm 12 years old at school, idiot. I am very educated. I understand you're upset that you're beating your family again. "

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