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Nigerian soldier dies from Lassa

Nigerian soldier is confirmed dead, probably from Lassa's fever.

According to the army, the soldier was attached to the Nigerian Army Division 3, Maxwell Kobob Canton, Rukuba Barak, Joss.

Division spokeswoman Ikechukwu Stephen confirmed the PREMIUM TIME incident on Thursday.

According to Mr. Stephen, Major, the senior officer was admitted to the division's hospital before being directed to the Bingem hospital where he died.

Mr. Stephen did not disclose the name of the soldier concerned, but later published a statement explaining the death,

"The headquarters, Division 3 wants to inform the general public that a senior officer in the division has been admitted and is ruled for sustainable malaria at a hospital." 3 O.

Therefore, the soldier was ruled, but there was no significant improvement that would lead him to the Jankwano Jos University Hospital for further guidance.

"Unfortunately, the soldier dies on January 15, 2019, four days after the announcement of the case." The available medical information confirmed that the soldier may have died of LASSA fever.

"As the investigation continues to reveal all the circumstances that led to the soldier's death, the department has taken the following measures.

"Tracking and monitoring contacts for primary and secondary contacts in cooperation with representatives of the World Health Organization (WHO), medical staff at Binghem University Hospital and 3rd Department for Medical Services and Hospitals.

"Sensitivity to the residents of Maxwell Khobe Cantonment, the host community and the general public has also begun," the statement said.

"The commander-in-chief has directed even more that Maxwell Khob Cantonment will be smoked," the spokesman added.

The soldier's death occurs at a time when Nigeria hosts world health experts to cope with Lausanne.

The weekly epidemiological report from the Center for Disease Control in Nigeria shows that seven people have died this year from 25 confirmed cases of disease in seven countries, including Abuja.

Lassa fever is a lethal disease caused by a virus transplanted into the urine or the stools of the infected rat. Disease is often transmitted through rodents of human or human transmission.

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