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Nintendo Switch Online is unbelievable for fans of retro NES games

Nintendo is terrible when it comes to the internet, and in many ways Switch Online subscription service is no different. There are annoying restrictions around cloud savings, for example, and voice chat has been moved to a mobile app. It may feel archaic, especially when compared to Xbox Live or PlayStation Plus. But there is one aspect of the service that has become an indispensable part of the way I use Switch: free retro games.

The best part of Switch Online is the included NES app that gives you access to a handful of 8-bit classics as part of the cost of your subscription. It's kind of like Netflix for NES games, and though it started with a pretty thin selection, it now has an ever-growing library. Yesterday I saw adding Zelda II: The Adventure of the Link and Master of a strong wind, along with "special" versions of Ninja Gaidan and G Goblins in Goblins which start well in the game, so you can get to the good things faster. (These special editions do a great job to make blundering retro games more enjoyable sometimes.)

There are obvious benefits to that. This is great Metroid, Gradius, and Dr. Mario with me, wherever I take my key. But the service also made me play games that probably would not have thought otherwise. The same way I look Bright or Box for birds on Netflix, but I will never pay for a movie ticket to see or in the cinemas, I'm trying to try NES games on Switch that will never spend money. A good example of this is the often used "black boxes" of NES games – those early 8-bit titles with simple names Ice-hockey and Tennis,

With Nintendo's old virtual console, I had to pay $ 5 for a game of footballI never did. But when is it part of a subscription? I will definitely play with her, though only for a few minutes. (Recently my two children were having fun trying to figure out how to hang each other Pro wrestling.)

Zelda 2

From a conservation point of view, the NES Switch application means exposing more people to these games, which is always a good thing. And hopefully, as the service will continue – only a few months at this stage – its composition will grow to include not only well-known games but also less obvious things. Recent rumors suggest that games from SNES and potentially other platforms can be added to Switch Online in the future.

The service had a slow, but promising start and with more varied composition and support for many old consoles, it could be a priceless tool for lovers of gaming history. Added functionality, such as online gaming or the easier special editions, is just a glaze on the cake. The ability to easily play the Japanese Games at Famicom also does not hurt.

Switch Online has the potential to be something similar to FilmStruck, but for games – a modern tool for experiencing the past. Nintendo invoices NES games as only part of the online service, but in reality they are the main attraction. And with just $ 20 a year, it's a lot cheaper than looking for old tapes.

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