Thursday , June 24 2021

Nokia 2 Android pie update: Nokia 2 Android Pie update does not happen, HMD explains why – Mobiles News

Nokia has had an impressive experience when it comes to releasing new versions of Android OS for its smartphone. She has already released the Android 9 Pie OS version of some of her smartphones from this and last year. However, one of the devices not receiving pie therapy is Nokia 2, a budget smartphone, launched in October 2017 in India.

HMD Chief Product Manager Juho Sarvikas, however, explained why Nokia 2 does not receive Android Pie for the Twitter thread. He said that since Android 2 was launched with a simple version of Android OS (Android Nougat), it's not possible to move to the Android Go platform, which would lead to faster operating system updates. However, the model still has an update to Android Oreo later.

"Tone questions for Nokia 2, here we are: we introduced Nokia 2 on Android Nougat. Soon after, Google moved 1GB RAM drives to Android Go for a more streamlined experience. It is not possible to move a device that runs Android with Go. However, a technical challenge … "wrote Suricas.

In the following tweaks, he mentioned that "… we did extensive work with Google & Qualcomm to enable Android Oreo for Nokia 2. Given that Oreo requires more than the system than Nougat, there is a compromise with the speed of experience …. "

As a result, Sarvikas said it would give Nokia 2 users several choices. That is why we give users 2 options: 1) Stay with Nougat with slightly better user interface performance or then 2) upgrade to Oreo with the latest features. Soon we will activate option 2 through a web page. "

Sarvikas also mentioned that the company is planning to bring Android Pie to Nokia 5 and Nokia 3.1 Plus soon. This will be followed by Android Market deployment for Nokia 6.

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