Friday , July 30 2021

Now you can build Psyduck to bring him to Detective Pikachu

Most pokémon are adorable, fluffy creatures that you just want to squeeze to your chest and never let go. Finally, Build-A-Bear allows people to create a nice friend based on the most underestimated Pokémon: Psyduck.

Psyduck, the poor, confused yellow duck who is forced to shake the world with a bad headache and no ibuprofen is the latest addition to Build-A-Bear. Pokemon alignment. It is added just in time Detective Picasso, Warner Bros. CGI responds live action Pokemon movie. Unlike some other Build-A-Bear stuffed animals created as a movie link (looking at you, the guardians of the galaxy Star-lord bear), Psyduck is cute sweet. Just look at it! You immediately want to hug him, rub his belly and buy a BabyBjörn carrier, so you will never have to leave him at home. It can be Pickau on your Pidduk, as seen in Detective Picasso GIF below.

Warner Bros.

Loneliness does not stop there. There are two accessories that people can buy for their new duckling son: a Pokemon a hood of varieties, and this equally charming raincoat! Every accessory is $ 13.50, but this raincoat and rain hat are mandatory seasonal accessories.

Puss in a raincoat!

Psyduck in a Pokemon hooded garment.

Build-A-Bear also created a special edition Detective Picasso Snubbull, but let's face it: he is not as cute as Psyduck. It really looks nice and if you are in it Pokemon"Strange bulldog creature, I guess it's pretty cool. But listen to me – if you want to buy one, take Psyduck. Should I again point to a raincoat and a raincoat? Or, buy both! I have a couple of Build-A-Bear Pokemons that occupy my desk at work, and the ability to push an assortment of Pokémon is kind of like.

Psyduck and Snubbull are available for purchase on April 26 through the Build-A-Bear Online Store. Every cost is $ 32 and comes with an exclusive Build-A-Bear Pokemon trading card.

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