Sunday , June 13 2021

Office 365 to use OneDrive as the default location for forward saving

This week, Microsoft announced that its main Office 365 applications will use OneDrive as the default storage location, starting with a set of February updates.

"To protect yourself from loss or damage to the device and to provide access to files anywhere, we recommend that you store them in Office 365," explains the Office Apps team blog post on Office 365. "We announce a new feature that makes it easier to create and keeping your Word, Excel, or PowerPoint document directly in the cloud. "

Now that you save an Office document – using CTRL + S (or Mac equivalent) or the Save button, a new dialog will appear, which will use OneDrive or Office 365 commercial clients – SharePoint Online.

You will then be able to change the document name directly from the application's title bar, as you can do today in the Office Online web applications for those applications. From here, you can also change its location in OneDrive.

"These features, along with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Mac, are part of our investments to make cloud files easier," said the team. "By keeping it in the cloud, you can have secure access to the most important documents from any device and start collaborating with others from the start."

I suppose this change will not affect those who use other locations to save. And I'm curious how the 'More Reservation Options' link is looking for. But we need to be able to test these changes through Office Insider.

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