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Partial Lunar Eclipse 2019: date, time, all you need to know


Stargazers will witness a partial lunar eclipse on July 16 and July 17, when people in India will be watching the Celestial Event on July 17. The partial lunar eclipse, as the name suggests, happens when the shadow of the Earth covers only a small part of the moon and as a result only a small part of the moon looks dark. The upcoming lunar eclipse will be the last to happen in 2019 and will be visible in most of Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South America. Here's all you need to know about the partial lunar eclipse 2019.

Partial Lunar Eclipse Date, Time

As mentioned above, the partial lunar eclipse will be visible in most of the Asian countries, including India. People living in the western and central regions of India will witness the whole event while people living in the eastern regions will see the partial lunar eclipse in the lunar time in the tiny hours.

The moon will enter midnight on July 17 at 12:13 am IST and will enter the corner of the corner at 1:31 am IST. The intensity of the partial lunar eclipse will be the highest (the time at which the largest moon will be covered by the shadow of the Earth and thus will appear dark) at 3:00 am in the morning.

The moon will leave the dungeon area at 4:29 am in the morning, which also marks the end of the partial lunar eclipse. The moon will be out of the half-light area at 5:47 am, according to NASA data. The total blackout time is 2 hours, 57 minutes and 56 seconds.


The NASA map showing the areas of the globe where the blackout will be visible
Photo: NASA

July 16 Partial lunar eclipse: facts and figures

As mentioned above, the partial lunar eclipse that will be seen on July 17 (July 16 in some areas of the globe) will be the last lunar eclipse – partly or globally – that will happen in 2019. witnessed in January, and was a complete eclipse of the moon.

As for the partial lunar eclipse of July 17, the sex density will be 1.7037, and the brain's magnitude will be 0.653. According to the eclipse card issued by NASA, the event will not be visible in North America and Greenland.

What is a partial lunar eclipse?

When the Earth enters the Moon and the Sun and casts its shadow over the Moon, cutting off the source of light and making parts of it dark, the event is triggered by a lunar eclipse. When the moon is completely covered by the earth's shadow, it is called a full moon eclipse, but when only a small part of the moon looks dark due to incomplete overlap, it is called a partial lunar eclipse.

Special significance of the lunar eclipse 2019

The partial eclipse that is happening tomorrow is a bit special for people in India, as it marks a coincidence that happens in 149 years. Guru Purnima, celebrated in India, will be on the same day as the upcoming partial lunar eclipse for the first time in 149 years. And if you believe in astrology, this coincidence may be of particular religious significance.

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