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Pokemon Go: Lots more gen 4 Pokemon available now! | Dexerto.com

The Pokemon Go community was becoming more and more impatient for the release of more gen Pokemon. Niantic have announced that several new generation 4 Pokemon are available now!

Pokemon Generation 4 Roll-out

Previous to the announcement, 61 of the 107 available Pokemon from generation 4 were available in Pokemon Go.

This latest batch of gen 4 Pokemon brings another 15 (or more). Therefore, we are now up to 76 in total. Mammoswine, who will be probably the 77th to be released, will be available in the upcoming Pokemon Go February Community Day.

Which Gen 4 Pokemon Have Been Added?

The 15 new Pokemon includes 8 that can be found in the wild, 6 that can be evolved using Sinnoh stones and another 1 (confirmed) that can be hatched in eggs.

In the Wild

Shieldon, Cranidos, Combee, and Glameow can be found in the Pokemon Go wild now.

Shieldon and Cranidos have fossil Pokemon. In Pokemon Diamond and Pearl they were resurrected using the Armor and Skull fossils respectively. Their evolved forms are Bastiodon and Rampardos.

Combee, the bee Pokemon, is usually seen in the wild in a male to female ratio of 7 to 1. This is relevant because only the female version can evolve into Vespiquen. Currently, all Combee in Pokemon Go are female and can therefore all evolve.

Finally, the normal Cat Pokemon Glameow can also be found. Consequently, its evolved form of Purugly can also be obtained.

More gen 4 Pokemon are available!

Sinnoh Stone Evolutions

In addition, Pokemon uses a Sinnoh stone.

  • Lickit (evolved from Lickitung)
  • Tangrowth (evolved from Tangela)
  • Ambipom (evolved from Aipom)
  • Yanmega (evolved from Yanma)
  • Froslass (evolved from Snorunt)
  • Gallade (evolved from Kirlia)

Sinnoh stones are most commonly found in rewards for participating in PvP battles.

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Gen 4 Eggs

It has been confirmed Bonsly is available in 7km eggs. If you have found any other new gen 4 Pokemon from the eggs, let us know on our Pokemon Twitter page.

Changes Made to Raid Bosses and Trainer Battles

In addition to the new wave of Gen 4 Pokemon, there have been major changes to raids and trainer battles.

Raid bosses have had their HP adjusted to balance the game more appropriately. In addition, moves within trainer battles have been altered and added.

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