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Ryan Reynolds throws on Taika Waititi's classic film

Pokémon is indeed a global phenomenon.

Beginning as a videogame in the 1990s, it continued to produce the most successful TV adaptation.

There are fast books, comics, trading cards and games, including the extremely popular Pokémon Go for 2016.

These zombie flocks helped Pokemon to become the most profitable media franchise of all time, collecting more than $ 90 billion so far.

Now he has become a Hollywood blockbuster, Pokemon Detective Picassowith the participation of Canadian actor Ryan Reynolds as detective Pichau, looking for a missing father to a friend.

The world has been trying to catch all Pokémon for over twenty years, so the project sent its resident Josh Thomson to Japan to see if he could catch everything Ryan Reynolds had to throw him.

"I played rugby for eight years," Reynolds told Thomson, who was barely aware of the notion of A-Lister Reynolds, who was dealing with men in the field.

"In Canada, [I was a] right wing. In fact, I was playing New Zealand at high school – they were crushing us. It was disgusting … It was just uncomfortable, "Reynolds admitted.

Reynolds, who is twice in New Zealand, is about to work with Taike [Waititi]Kiwi-director credits include boy and We hunt for wild people,

Reynolds is also starring Hunting for wild people, Julian Dennison, in Deadpool 2,

"And you know, Julian, of course?" asked Thompson.

– Yes, the best one – whom I found through the Taike – We hunt for wild people is probably the best movie ever made. "

And that's a pretty big claim from one of the most sought-after Hollywood actors.

Watch the video for the full interview.


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