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Sarah Highland celebrates her journey with confidence in the body, highlighting "KUPA"


Contemporary Family Actor Sarah Highland took on the Teen Choice Awards on Sunday to debut a new song with singer Jordan McGregue called "Met at a Party." The performance that saw her emerge from a glittering beach ball clad in an exciting pink miniderm was special to Hyland. She opened up about her decision not to wear spanking and celebrated her "cup" during a national TV event on Instagram.

Highland, who revealed to SELF magazine that she had undergone "at least sixteen surgeries" and two kidney transplants due to a condition called renal dysplasia, previously revealed how the procedures changed her body – causing her stomach to "stick out." In a photo posted on Instagram yesterday, she highlighted her stomach and what she called "KUPA"; her nickname for the prominent "kidney upper p ** sy zone".

The photo that Sarah Hyland shared on Instagram on her "BowlTeen Choice Awards (Getty Images)

Speaking about how she was "terrified" and "excited" to be performing with Jordan McGraw at the Teen Choice Awards, she declined, thanking her for developing confidence.

She wrote: "Last thank you for my ever-changing confidence that I made the decision not to wear spanks and to let my KUPA (kidney top p ** sy area) glow like a badass b ** ch she is."

Hyland had previously discussed its uncertainty about the kupa, explaining in a SELF video below that "it was always a buff to be shown."

She said, "It's still mentally difficult to overcome, but I personally think that someone is so tiny that a stomach that looks like the state of New Jersey just shows who I am and what character I have."

Prior to the Teen Choice Awards, the star revealed in February that she wore "two pairs of spanks" at a Vanity Fair Oscars party.

Sarah Hyland at the Vanity Fair Party (Getty Images)

Highland also deals with what made her a "cup," explaining to SELF: "When [doctors] make a kidney transplant, they connect the new kidney to your old kidneys in front. They put it in the front and it sticks out, I call it my "KUPA" – kidney upper p ** sy area. There always is, always will be. "

Highland revealed last December that she was "cured" and "stable."

Sarah Hyland with his fiancée Wales Adams (Getty Images)

Some fans speculated on Twitter during the presentation that the star was pregnant, perhaps without knowing the wider context of Hyland's kidney transplants. Until the Highlander addressed the rumors directly, the mention of her "bowl" in the body's positive post may have been partly a way to close them.

Highland attended the Teen Choice Awards with her new fiancé Wales Adams, who offered her in July. She and the Ergen star at Paradise met when he slid into her DMs in 2017 according to People. They were seen lying on the PDA after her performance, with Highland showing off her ring and kissing Adams.

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