Monday , August 2 2021

SEC to look for a "crypto-analytic analyst," as the demand for decentralized foreign exchange experts is rising

Workplaces associated with cryopreservation and blocks increase, with the regulatory heavyweight wanting to hire experts in this area. US Securities and Exchange Commission [SEC] also seeks to expand its understanding of the field once it is released job advertisements, they signaled their intention to hire a crypto-analyzer.

Although the position itself is labeled "Critical Accounts of the Financial Analyst – SEC", the industry has been listed on the Job Listings list, referred to as the "Securities Regulation".

According to the job announcement, the specialist will provide "expertise and coordinate TM activities with regard to cryptographic and digital securities." The candidate should work with several regulatory stakeholders, including internal and international regulators, market participants and the public. The publication outlines the duties of the analyst,

"The obligations include coordination with the staff of the department for the preparation of a comprehensive plan for coping with cryptographic and digital securities; to engage with other departments and services on such matters. "

The candidate must also be well acquainted with the legal and political developments in the field of cryptoLapture at all stages of trade. The candidate will be a leading division representative in the SEC Financial Group's working group and in conjunction with the FSOC Digital Assets Working Group.

However, the EDF has clearly stated that payroll payments will not be paid.

If the candidate is confirmed, they will play a major role in Bitcoin [BTC] The ETF's decision to be submitted before SEC's senior positions on May 16, 2019. Two apps now have a strong chance of launching a publicly traded product to BTC, VanECK / CBOE, and Bitwise and NYSE Arca.

Several other financial and technology companies also seek to hire a crypto expert, given the development of the decentralized currency industry. Recently, Visa, the payment giant, has posted working in FinTech's Technical Product Manager, as a member of the company's partnership team, offers the candidate the "intersection of cryptographic and small payments".

Jack Dorsey, Chief Executive Officer of Square, was also looking to hire "crypto engineers and designers" for Square Crypto, the company's crypto project. He added that they would be paid at Bitcoin [BTC], which Dorsey had previously called the local currency on the Internet.

Facebook has also been ascending to cryptoLooks and its main block technology. As their LinkedIn job ads revealed, the social media giant was looking for 22 block experts. With Facebook's Coin project, Menlo Park also covers secretly the exchange of crypt videos for eventual registration support.

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