Sunday , June 13 2021

Senegal has arrested 24 and seized weapons after the previous violence

Police in eastern Senegal have carried out two dozen arrests and knocked knives and clubs after clashes on the eve of the presidential election.

Violence broke out on Monday in Tambacounda, 400 miles (250 miles) east of Dakar, prompting supporters of President Mackay Sal against opposition candidate Isa Sal.

One of the supporters of the president was fatally injured by a suspect member of the opposition Party "Unity and Assembly" (PUR), sources said.

The second death is part of a group of young pro-government motorcyclists who are trying to prevent the escape of Isa Sal from the city. He was hit by a vehicle and died.

Local media reported that the third president's supporter died of injuries but the authorities have not confirmed this.

FILE - Security agents stand guard at the election meeting of Isa Sal, Senegal's presidential and deputy chairman

FILE – Security officials stand guard at Israeli Sal, presidential candidate and deputy chairman of the Senegalese Party of War (PUR), at the municipal stadium of Tiarro, Dakar suburb, February 3, 2019.

"Gendarmerie has arrested 24 people," a security source said in Tambakunda.

Moustapha Sarr, a senior PUR official, said that 20 of the arrests were supporters of Issa Sall.

Macky Sall and Issa Sall share the same name but are not related.

Tambacounda's prosecutor, Demba Traore, said the arrests were mainly members of Isa Sol's security, and the officers seized knives and clubs from RMP members.

Interior Minister Ali Nguyile Ndiai said the police will find those responsible for violence and "bring them to justice".

He said the National Police would be available to work with the security teams of all presidential candidates by the end of the election.

Other incidents

Eight journalists covering Isa Sal's campaign were injured when their minibus was attacked by suspected supporters of the ruling coalition, organizations representing media workers said.

Senegal, a former French colony, broke out before the vote on 24 February, which Mackay Sal hopes to win in the first round.

Senegal's counterparts Mackay Sal vandalized poster for upcoming presidential elections in Tis, Senegal, February 3, 2019

Senegal's counterparts Mackay Sal vandalized poster for upcoming presidential elections in Tis, Senegal, February 3, 2019

On Sunday, at least two people were "seriously injured" in Fatik, a presidential fortress in the center of Senegal-West, in clashes with supporters of growing opposition candidate, Usmeane Sonko, local media reported.

Four people, all of Sonko's supporters, were severely injured on February 4 in the northern city of Saint Louis.

Isa Sal said on Twitter Tuesday that after the "tragic events" in Tambakunda he would "stop" his campaign and return to the capital.

Reaction of the President

On Monday, the president called for peace but aimed his predecessor and political rival Abdullah Wade, who last week called for his supporters to burn their ballots and ballots.

Conflicts "are the result of a call for violence by some political leaders … who will face the courts to answer for their actions," President Sol said.

Senegal's election campaigns are often blunted by charges of corruption, harassment and dirty tricks, and misinformation, although the country is often seen as a beacon of democracy and relative prosperity in West Africa.

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