Wednesday , September 28 2022

Senegal's footballer strikes Africans to mock his appearance


Senegalese football player Krepine Diatta may not have been so popular until he scored that scream for his team during a match against Tanzania during Egypt Cup matches for the African Nations. But since then it is not of great importance to him.

Once the players' footage and videos began walking in the social media, many people were thrown on the internet to watch him, tingering him even more, after it was discovered that the midfielder who played for the Belgian side, Club Brugge , she even had a "Better looking" girlfriend.

Totally surprised and disappointed by the comments he received about his appearance, especially from the Africans, the player rejected them as "racist" comments.

The question escalates after a twinge from an African model named Nora Pinging placed the 20-year-old player in a position of discrimination after calling him a "frog" and continued to say that she would never agree to marry him even if she have received $ 50 million.

Naturally unhappy with her twitter, which she had since erased, the fans of the soccer player poured on her page to strike her while questioning the reasons to think that the player did not deserve a "pretty" lady as a girlfriend.

Former Chelsea star and Ivoire football legend Didier Drogba, in response to critics, encouraged him to be strong and to focus his attention on all negative reviews because "you are very talented."

Senegal has another game to play at AFCON to decide whether they will be able to reach the final 16th stage after losing their match against Algiers on 27 June 2019.

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