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Sexual puppet dolls appear all over the world

Since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution (or, at least since the dawn of the Jetson), Americans have been caught up by anxiety to be replaced by robots. In some service sectors, these concerns have proven prophetic. But technology is still far from perfect (though the massive social media torture of CVS's autonomous CV), and although a report predicts that robots can replace human workers by 2030, most people can be sure they are safe for the moment. Most people, ie. sex workers.

In Rolling Stone,, writer Breena Kerr profiles Aura Dolly, toronto doll bulldog, where customers can pay 120 dollars per hour and an extra 90 dollars in half an hour to do whatever they want for the six dolls of the staff (provided they do not make any extra holes) in them, although one wonders what this would be the case for). Brotel's staff cleans the doll between assignments to prepare them for the next client.

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Because of their high cost (for example, an adaptable real doll starting at $ 5,999), skirt dolls in general are still considered expensive innovations. From a legal point of view, they also exist in some gray area: Although they technically do not violate most state prostitution laws, the moral opposition to sexual activity in the United States is so strong that it will inevitably serve as a barrier. Houston's public housing plans, for example, were canceled after the municipal council changed the existing ordinance to ban business patrons from engaging in a sexual congress with inanimate subjects.

For these reasons, coupons for sex dolls are far from usual. Nonetheless, there is a big protest over simple prospects for sexual puppet dolls, especially in the legal sex industry in the United States. (Prostitution is illegal in the US except in a number of districts in Nevada, where it is heavily regulated).

Allissa, a sex worker at the Sheri legal lawhouse in Nevada, is indignant that, unlike the legal public homes that can not openly advertise for fear of violating the laws of attraction, the puppet puppies can openly advertise on billboards as he recently did in Vancouver). She also believes that they would represent a serious security threat.

"If a boy starts using these public homes, the doll can not give his consent and they have no limitations," Alosa told Wax. "We are very clear about what can happen and it does not happen during a party, and if the sex dolls become popular, customers will think [a lack of limitations] was normal. "

At first glance, this seems to be an obvious concern: When she presents herself with a choice between a woman of flesh and blood who can give her consent to sex and $ 6,000 silicone that can not, logic will probably dictate that everyone who chooses the latter has more likely to hide some problematic views about women.

But this is not necessarily the case. Sexual doll jewelry could serve as a viable opportunity for clients who may not have the social skills needed to form meaningful relationships with people. "Patrons [who] may have some social anxiety, or perhaps have disabilities that may not feel comfortable with the social interactions of a human sex worker, would have great benefit for this service, "said Aura spokeswoman, adding that the number had received a number of inquiries from visually impaired people and unpleasant rumors.

Sexual dolls could also serve as points for people with abnormal sexual preferences (the thought of the taste of sexual or unconscious sex) who do not want to harm a living person or people in monogamous relationships who want to experiment sexually, infidelity. It would be unfair to characterize all these people as miroginists who want to introduce their distorted fantasies of raping unsuspecting plastic pieces, as it is unfair to characterize anyone buying sex (about 14% of Americans) as brutal and exploitative.

It is safe to say that the main objection of numerous sex workers to couples for sexual dolls is not moral or philosophical, but economic.

It's true that it costs less to masturbate in a hired silicone car than to have sex with a legal prostitute. Alice will not tell Voice how much she is accused of party, quoting laws of attraction, but as a whole, while the percentage of sex workers varies considerably according to many factors, the typical "friendly experience" or the more intimate sexual encounter costs about $ 1,000 hour at Sheri's Ranch competitor, Moonlite BunnyRanch, and is not unheard of for a more sexual worker who wants to pay much more.

This is far from the 120th per hour quoted by Aura Dolls, but public homes are also willing to take heavy commission from their workers (at Sheri's Ranch, that's 50%). They are also not responsible for the majority of staff costs, which saves a lot of money for management: "Alice says she pays for room and backgammon when she works at the ranch, and her own drinks, condoms, sex toys , hairs and nails.

When judging the level of cleaning that is required to ensure that sex dolls meet hygienic standards for multiple use, it makes sense that the cost of maintaining a puppy for dolls for sex will be quite high.

"Because of the cost of hiring cleaning staff and staff to make sure the doll is in the top condition of each use and make sure they are well cleaned along with the maintenance of the products and equipment, [running a sex doll brothel] is not as cheap as we can imagine, "said the Aura spokesman.

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Of course, sex workers provide a service that has a much higher value than any sex dolls provided. In a world that encourages people to suppress and suppress their emotions, it is not uncommon for sex workers often to act as improvised therapists for their clients. "Many of my work is related to non-sexual intimacy, I'm creating a relationship with them," says Alice. "They talk to me about their problems … this is a very real human relationship, I have clients who do not have sex at all and just want to embrace and talk to me."

The sex doll can not perform emotional work at this level or provide any of the other less tangible benefits of satellite flesh and blood – but at the same time neither your iPhone nor any of the other innumerable technological advances that make our lives endlessly lighter and much lonely.

It will be a long time before the sexual puppet puppets become massive if ever. However, as AI technology improves and brands begin to develop sex dolls that are able to convincingly reproduce the human sexual response, it is not beyond the scope of sex doll's ability to one day join the ranks of vibrators and other sex toys , some basic respect, and are considered as supplements, not as a threat to healthy and safe sex life. Even "Alice" says they could be used as a training tool during parties or a way to attract the pleasures of school men.

Prostitution is called "the oldest profession" for a good reason: There has always been a great demand for paid sex, and probably will always be there. But that does not mean that the industry is completely impermeable to change. So far we have seen strip clubs and porn movies shutting their doors because of the ubiquity of free porn internet. If sex dolls and robots ever become complicated enough to convincingly reproduce IRL sex, who will say that a handful of public homes in rural Nevada will not suffer the same fate?

From time to time, when confronted with the choice between convenience and affordability and less tangible benefits of emotional proximity, people have chosen the first. There is no reason to think that the sex industry will prove the exception to the rule.

Perhaps surprisingly, however, this is not what Aura Dolls says. "We believe there will always be a demand and a market for human sex workers as it is considered one of the oldest jobs in the world," said Vox's spokesman, perhaps unconsciously reflecting the mega corporations' arguments in favor of automated workers . "We do not intend to be replaced soon."

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