Wednesday , September 28 2022

South Africa promises to save Zimbabwe electricity – Zimbabwean post


The South African government is considering a proposal to increase electricity exports to Zimbabwe after high-level talks between the two countries' energy ministers last week.

In a telephone interview for Sunday News, Energy and Energy Development Minister Fortune Chasi confirmed his meeting with his South African counterpart, Minister of Mineral Resources and Energy Jeff Radebe, on Thursday last week.

He said that Minister Radebe expressed his sympathy for the situation with the Zimbabwean forces.

"We met the (South African) Energy Minister the day before, and we discussed our situation with him and he was very involved with it. I am quite optimistic that they (South Africa) will help us but they will go through their own internal processes to look at our own situation, "said Adv Chasi.

Prime Minister Chasi's visit to South Africa was his second month after meeting with representatives of the South African energy company, Eskom, for talks to power earlier this month.

Zimbabwe owes Eskom $ 27 million, which is after a $ 10 million payment that was made last month as part of his commitment to repay his debt.

Additional electricity imports from South Africa will alleviate the overwhelming electricity shortage where the country starts a 18-hour schedule for unloading electricity on a daily basis. Adv Chasi said the government would respond to the power challenges his neighbor faced while negotiating.

"I am quite optimistic now that I talked to him (Minister Radebe). I am also aware of the challenges facing South Africa and will not put pressure on the Minister and Escom. They should carefully consider what we were discussing and then come out with a stance, but as I said I was quite optimistic, "he said.

Adv Chasi said after concluding talks with South Africa that he would go to Mozambique, where he is scheduled to meet with the government and electricity producers of this country – Hydro-Cahora Bassa.

– I still do not finish (talks) with Eskom. I have not committed my colleague from Mozambique, but once I'm done with this particular situation (talks with South Africa), I will also engage the Mozambique, "he said.

Adv Chasi stresses the need for the public and institutions to clear their debts and pay their bills to ZESA Holdings in time to effectively fulfill part of their mandate.

"Generally, I think the public needs to understand that Zeus needs the money.

We can make the whole noise and accuse them of everything on this planet, but we have to admit that in order to repair our equipment we need money. To install more prepaid meters, we need money. Everything we face is in need of money.

So I really want to call on Zimbabweans, individuals, local authorities, trade and industry to pay their bills. , consumers have to pay their debts. This is a key strategic issue for Zesa to get what we owe now when we've already consumed energy, "he said.

Zimbabwe faces a crippling electricity shortage that has seen most areas last for up to 16 hours without power.

The challenge was caused by low Caribbean energy production due to low water levels.

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