Wednesday , September 28 2022

South African actors take their places in the American hit remake


Rajesh Gopie, Stevel Marc and Tanya van Graan.

Cape Town – You can catch the faces of South African actors in the hot new remake of the hit TV show The Professionals.

The show is a "loose remake" of Christian Slater's action movie "Soldiers of Fortune."

The movie is now being interpreted as a 10-episode series that will run on Scandinavian streaming service, Viaplay.

The series is currently filming in Johannesburg, South Africa and will later move to Ireland.

Hollywood stars include Brandon Fraser (The Mummy), Tom Welling (Lucifer), Elena Anaya (Wonder Woman) and Said Tagmawi (American Hus) in this new action-packed adventure series. The show is represented by an impressive contingent of South African stars – Steve Mark (Unmarried), Tanya van Graan (Zulu), Kai Luke Brumer (Moffy) and Nick Rosenty (Black Canvases) will be regular seasons.

South African actor Rajesh Gopi has confirmed that he is part of a 10-part English-language series, IOL reports, while Tambisa-born director Tabang Moleya will direct two episodes.

The series is produced by Most Media, Subotica, Spier Films Production and Roadside Attractions, in conjunction with Jeff Most Productions, Highbridge Production, Tele München Group and Viaplay. According to the film contacts, financing in South Africa has played a major role, with the Industrial Development Corporation making the largest investment and the Ministry of Commerce and Industry approving the discount application in advance.

That makes manufacturing, Africa's largest co-production facility so far, with a combined budget of $ 27 million.

According to Deadline, the series is set "against the backdrop of international espionage and corporate sabotage in a 21st-century space-funded space race, and follows Tom Welling as a hardened former counterintelligence officer, Captain Vincent Corbo. After their advanced medical satellite explodes upon deployment, billionaire futurist Peter Swan, played by Brendan Fraser, and his fiancé, medical visionary Dr. Graciela "Grace" Davila, played by Elena Anaya. Corbo brings together a team of experienced professionals to investigate the incident. They learn that any combination of Swann's business rivals, corrupt government officials and a shady crime syndicate could be behind the attack and pose a continuing threat. Ken Duken plays an Europol agent who wants to thwart the efforts of the security team. "

The 2012 movie The Soldiers of Fortune has achieved huge success in Russia and the United Arab Emirates.

The release date of the series has not yet been revealed.

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