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South Africans will soon be able to buy groceries through Crypto

The adoption of the crypt seems like a very predictable reality
South Africa and very soon. This is after Pundi X labs – global payments
solution – partnered with DoshEx, providing banking services as South East Bank services

The partnership between Labs Pundi X and DoshEX will allow
bank access for millions of the country's population, who have almost nothing
access to banking. This will be done by providing XPASS to Pundi X
maps that will be available very soon.

The Pundi X XPASS cards will allow people to buy
different crypt-currencies, while giving them access to different purchases
retail products as daily household products. Card users will also be
can complement the maps on the different XPOS devices that will be distributed
across the country.

This service has been praised so much as it will give
banking services, even for users without a bank account, through Pundi
The technology based on the X block. Announcing your cooperation with the South
African Crypt Exchange DoshEX, Chief Executive Officer of Pundi X lab Zac Cheah said the following
for the partnership.

"XPOS is the easy and accessible Cripp access point
major retailers and consumers … Now a XPASS card loaded with crypt
allows ordinary people to embrace the crypto-future, including millions
South Africans who are not banked

Chea shared his expectations that the new service is not available
just attract fans and customers among the vast population without banking services, but also
among the already known banking and commercial services. Cheah on
on the other side of the deal, the CEO of DoshEX Alex de Bruin in his
part stated that partnership is essential.

"It was essential to deploy reliable and proven technologies
because our goal is to quickly build the first South African crypt-currency
network. That's why we've teamed up with Pundi X, "he said.

South African cities are not the only cities in the world
where you can expect the technology based on the blockchain to be used in people
everyday life. The same will be the case in some European cities. Just
A few days ago it was said that the city of Kiev is looking for the opportunity
the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment for public transport.

Collaboration between Labs Pundi X and DoshEX is a welcome development, especially in South Africa. Contrary to what some may think, African countries such as South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya are quicker than Battlecourse than you think. This is partly behind this move, like that of the Pundi X and Dosh EX labs. These countries may not trade significantly in the battlefield, but there is a considerable interest in the Crippower and enough people who ask questions,

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