Thursday , December 3 2020

SpaceIL's ship crashed due to "manual command" – BGR

It has been a few weeks since Israel's first attempt to land on the Moon was met with disaster at the last possible moment. The SpaceIL Beresheet ship crashed into the moon after it looked like it was a breakdown of the engine at the last minute, but new information appeared suggesting that the engine might have had a good reason to shut down.

A recent statement from SpaceIL offers a little more context about how the mission has come to its unfavorable end although many questions remain.

"According to the preliminary investigation of the maneuver of the Israeli spacecraft" Bereziness ", a manual command appears to have been entered in the computer," the statement said. "This led to a chain reaction in the spacecraft, during which the main engine shut off, which prevented further activation."

During the ultimate descent of the spacecraft, everything looked good until the engine shut down. SpaceIL's fast-thinking engineers commanded the spacecraft to restart the engine, and he successfully dropped them back, but the cavity was already down to the moon's surface and could not recover.

That was less than the stellar conclusion of Israel's first attempt to land a spacecraft on the moon, but SpaceIL did not accept defeat. The company is already working on what it calls "Beresheet 2.0" and intends to successfully land a spacecraft on the Moon rather than later. The details of this mission and the possible date of launch are not yet defined.

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